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Democrats from Saratoga and Schenectady Back Sanghvi for 44th Senate District Election


In the race for the‍ 44th State Senate ‍District, Minita Sanghvi, the ​incumbent Saratoga Springs⁢ City Finance Commissioner,⁤ has ​received the backing‌ of both​ the Saratoga County ⁤and Schenectady County⁤ Democratic Committees. Sanghvi ⁢is challenging Sen. Jim Tedisco for the seat.

Martha Devaney, Chairwoman of⁢ the Saratoga County Democratic‌ Committee, praised Sanghvi as a “dedicated advocate” ‍and‍ a “proven problem solver.”

“Minita’s roles as a committed parent, ​esteemed educator, and effective public servant demonstrate her dedication to achieving results that transcend partisan politics,” Devaney stated in ‌a press release on Monday. “Minita is the leader that the 44th⁢ State Senate District of New York truly needs.”

Frank Salamone, Chairperson of the Schenectady County Democratic Committee, emphasized Sanghvi’s accomplishments as ⁣finance commissioner.

“Considering her successful track record in securing funding for the ⁢third fire station, a round-the-clock homeless shelter, and the addition of ‌more sidewalks, parks, and playgrounds for ⁤the community, I‌ am‍ confident that Minita, as state senator, will ⁢focus on infrastructure and‍ boost our region’s economy,” Salamone expressed.

Sanghvi made ⁣her intentions to challenge Tedisco,⁢ who has been serving the 44th ‌Senate District since his election in 2016, known in January.

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