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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Freihofer’s Run for Women Renamed as Delightful Run for Women


ALBANY — The well-known Freihofer’s Run​ for Women 5k has undergone a transformation and will now be known as ⁤the⁢ Delightful Run ⁢for Women. This change comes​ into effect ‍from the 46th edition of ⁤the much-loved 5k race, scheduled for Saturday, ⁢June 1. The event is now proudly sponsored by⁤ Sara Lee Delightful Bread.

The rebranding follows a‍ shift in the ⁣participant demographic,​ largely due to the race event being made accessible ​virtually, as per a ⁤statement from the ‍race organizers.

Sara Lee, a nationally recognized bakery‌ brand, lends ‌the event a broader reach and recognition.

Despite the⁣ rebranding, runners can expect the same thrilling experience as‌ before.

The statement further read, “The event continues⁢ to uphold its core‌ values of promoting‍ women, ‌community,⁤ empowerment, and connections, as it has since its inception in 1979, and will continue to do‍ so in ⁣the future.”

The Delightful ⁣Run for Women 5K, ​a magnet ‍for elite professional runners⁣ from across the nation, will still feature the ​Kids’ Run and‌ the Capital Kids⁤ 3K on June 1.

Registration for the 5K is ⁤now open, with an initial entry fee of $30, which will gradually increase⁤ as ‍the race day‌ nears.

The Delightful Run for Women⁣ is once again collaborating with the Capital District YMCA for the 11-week Training ⁢Challenge that kicks off on⁢ March 18. Participants⁢ will receive a one-month membership free of charge. Additionally, the Saratoga Regional YMCA is offering a waived joiner fee ‍to‌ participants in the ‍program this ⁣year.

The Training Challenge, with both in-person and virtual options, allows participants to⁤ run the race ⁢in their preferred ⁣style,⁤ be ‌it running the⁣ entire duration, alternating⁣ between walking and running, or walking. The ⁣Training Challenge‌ costs⁤ $55 and includes a custom performance shirt and a one-month membership to the Capital District ⁤YMCA.

“The Training‍ Challenge marks the‌ beginning of our 2024 event season. The program has seen tremendous growth over the years, with some participants‍ marking their ‌14th year in 2024,” said event director Kristen Hislop. “It’s an excellent way to gear up for⁢ June. We have a plan for everyone, whether you want to run, run faster, do run/walk intervals, ​or walk.”

All⁣ participants will receive⁣ a commemorative performance shirt, ‍a ⁤Sara Lee Delightful ‌bread product, ​and a medal.

For more details on ‍the 46th Annual​ Delightful® Run for Women, the annual Kids’ Run, and the ​Capital Kids 3K ⁢Run, please ​visit the Run Sign Up Page. You‍ can also find more information on our Facebook,​ Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube pages.

Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan, an informed and passionate sports reporter, is a former college athlete with a degree in Sports Communication from Ithaca College. Go Bombers!
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  1. I disagree with this change in the name. Freihofer’s Run for Women had a longstanding tradition and renaming it takes away from its history and recognition.


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