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At least 43 dead, dozens injured in Bangladesh building blaze


In the heart of Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka, a devastating fire engulfed a six-story building late on Thursday, resulting in the tragic loss of at least 43 lives and‌ leaving dozens injured, according ⁢to⁢ the country’s health minister.

The fire, which⁤ originated in a restaurant within‌ the building, rapidly ‌spread to the other floors, as reported‌ by ‍fire service​ officials.

Health⁣ Minister Samanta Lal Sen, after visiting the Dhaka Medical College Hospital, confirmed that 43 people had lost their‌ lives in the fire, while 22 ⁣others were receiving treatment for burn injuries. ⁤He further added that all 22 patients ⁣were in a ⁣critical condition.

The cause of the fire remains uncertain.⁤ However, after two hours of relentless efforts by 13 firefighting units, ⁣the blaze was finally⁣ brought under ‌control, ⁤as ⁤per the fire service officials.

Survivor Mohammad Altaf,‌ in a conversation with reporters, narrated his narrow escape from the deadly fire through a broken window. He sadly‌ mentioned the⁣ loss of two of his‌ coworkers in the ​incident.

“When the fire broke out in the front and shattered‍ the glass, our cashier and servicemen managed to⁣ evacuate everyone. But,​ unfortunately,⁤ both of ⁤them succumbed to the fire. I had to break a window⁣ in the kitchen and jump out to save myself,” Altaf recounted.

Firefighters, using a crane, managed⁤ to rescue several people from the burnt ⁣building, the ⁢fire service officials reported.

Brigadier General ‌Main Uddin, the‌ director of the Bangladesh Fire Service and⁤ civil defense, suggested that the⁢ fire could have been caused by a gas leak or a ⁣stove. “The​ building was a potential hazard⁣ with gas cylinders on⁢ every floor, even on the staircases,” he informed reporters.

Since a fire ‍in 2012 and a building collapse in 2013, ⁣which together claimed more than 1,200 lives, intense scrutiny of Bangladesh and the major international clothing retailers that manufacture in⁤ the country has helped⁢ prevent further disasters in the garment sector.

However, in other industries, primarily serving Bangladesh’s thriving domestic economy and without a similar focus on safety, hundreds have lost their lives in fires in recent years.

Fires are a common occurrence in ⁢the densely ​populated city of Dhaka, which has seen a surge ‍in new buildings, ⁣often built without adequate ‌safety measures. Faulty gas ⁤cylinders, air conditioners, and poor electrical⁢ wiring have been the cause of numerous fires and explosions.

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