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Brandon Fellows, Defendant from Schenectady in Jan. 6 Case, Receives 3-Year Prison Sentence


WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Thursday, Brandon Fellows, a defendant in the Jan. 6 Schenectady case, was handed a sentence of‌ over ‍three years in federal prison, following​ his conviction in August, as per court documents.

U.S. District⁢ Judge Trevor​ McFadden sentenced Fellows, an alumnus‌ of Niskayuna ⁣High School, to‌ a‍ total of 3 years and 1 month in prison.

This sentence is to be served consecutively to his previous ‍six-month sentence for criminal contempt.

According to WUSA9, a ​Washington-based ​news outlet, the judge reprimanded Fellows during the​ sentencing. WUSA⁤ reporter Jordan Fischer, who ⁢has been closely following the Jan. 6 prosecutions, quoted the judge as⁤ telling Fellows, “It’s time for you to grow ​up!”

Federal prosecutors had previously argued for a sentence of 3 years, 1 month in federal prison for Fellows, which they described as “a sentence at the high end of the Guideline range calculated by the government.”

Prosecutors stated that ‌this proposed ⁢sentence⁤ reflects the severity of ⁤Fellows’ actions, his⁢ consistent lack of⁤ remorse, and his complete disregard for the court and ‌the rule of law.

Fellows was found guilty of ⁢obstruction of⁣ an‍ official proceeding and​ aiding and abetting, entering and remaining in a restricted⁣ building or grounds; disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds; entering ⁣and remaining ‍in certain rooms of the Capitol‍ building; and disorderly conduct in a Capitol building.

During the trial, Fellows had already been held in contempt of ​court, and the jury had⁢ expressed⁤ concern about whether the defendant had access to their personal ‍information, as⁤ per court records.

Previously, the judge had sentenced⁤ Fellows ⁣to five months for contempt, to be served at the end‍ of the trial.

Fellows has been in ⁢custody since June 2021 for violating his release⁤ conditions. He will receive credit⁢ for time served, according ‍to⁣ WUSA.

Prosecutors detailed‍ how Fellows⁣ “cheered⁣ on the violent mob” before entering the ⁤Capitol through a broken window ⁢and ⁢sat at a senator’s table smoking marijuana. As he left, he “paraded” and ‍taunted police officers.

They also highlighted Fellows’ ‌behavior in court, ​which‌ included​ referring to the court as a “kangaroo court,”⁣ a “modern-day Nazi ⁣court,” and interrupting​ the foreperson as she announced the verdict, shouting over her, “This is how you radicalize people!”

Prosecutors⁣ wrote, “Fellows has repeatedly made it clear that he believes that his⁣ actions were justified and has gone to ‍great lengths to ⁢spread that message for more ​than two and half years, through the media, social media, and his testimony at‌ trial. Accordingly, a significant period of incarceration⁢ is necessary to deter him from similar action in the ⁢future.”

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