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Girls’ Basketball Teams from Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons and Northville Advance to Class D Final


AVERILL PARK — The Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons Golden Knights showcased‌ their team spirit and the exceptional skills of their star players in a decisive 71-48 victory over Hartford in the Section 2 Class D⁣ girls’ basketball semifinal ⁢on Tuesday at Averill Park.

The Golden Knights, seeded third, had a comfortable 36-16 lead at⁣ halftime, thanks to the​ collective efforts of the team. In the third quarter, the⁤ lead was further extended by ⁤Angelina‍ Deitz and Mia’Rose Wylie, who together⁤ scored 17 of the team’s 22‌ points in that period.

Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons (14-7), the reigning Section 2 Class D champions, ⁤are set to face top-seeded Northville⁣ in the final at 4:30 p.m. Monday ⁢at Hudson Valley Community College.

While Deitz‍ and Wylie were ⁢the main scorers ​in the⁣ first quarter, contributing 14 of⁤ the team’s 20 ‍points,​ the rest of⁤ the ​team made significant contributions​ in other areas. Cora Jusino, Autumn Davis, Molly⁢ Moran, and Alanah Kelly all made valuable contributions⁢ to the team’s performance.

“Alanah⁣ Kelly’s growing confidence is⁢ evident in her reluctance to​ leave the game,” said Bishop Gibbons ⁢coach Patrick Moran. “In the past, she would ask to be substituted, but now she gets upset when I take her out.”

By halftime, the Golden Knights had seven different scorers⁤ and a ​stat sheet filled with contributors.

“The team’s contributions were crucial,” ​Deitz said. “We‍ came here with a goal in mind and we were completely‌ focused on achieving it.”

In the third quarter,⁢ they started with a 10-2 run that included four consecutive layups, quickly ⁣diminishing any hopes for ⁢the second-seeded Hartford (14-7).

“Even ‌with a lead​ at halftime,​ you can’t afford to relax, you need to maintain the momentum,” Deitz added.

Despite the teams splitting their regular-season⁤ games, with ​Hartford winning 50-48 on Feb. 12, Moran was confident his ⁤team could reverse the outcome.

“We had a point to prove,” he said.

For Hartford, Mackenzie Johnson scored⁤ 21 of her 25 points in the second⁣ half, with Cailin Severance adding nine points.

Deitz led the ‌Golden Knights ⁣with a ‌game-high 28 points, five‍ rebounds, and three⁤ steals. Wylie contributed 23 points, seven rebounds,‌ and three assists. Kelly finished with five blocked shots.


Despite the nearly‍ 69-mile journey from Northville to Averill ⁤Park, the top-seeded Falcons’ defense ‍remained unyielding, resulting in a 50-23 victory over fourth-seeded Saratoga Catholic ​in the other semifinal. This​ was the ‌Saints’ lowest score⁣ this season.

The game saw a face-off between⁢ each team’s ⁤best player, with the Saints’ freshman ⁣guard Sophia Ryan and the Falcons’ junior guard Hailey Monroe. Monroe’s experience shone through ⁤as she​ scored a game-high 34 points, including 12 of her team’s⁢ 14 third-quarter points, and five steals.

Northville’s man-to-man defense was particularly⁣ effective against Ryan. Every time she bypassed one player, another was there to meet her. She was limited to 12 points, leading the Saints.

“We strive to play good defense, and we have been successful all season,” ⁣said Northville coach Jim Zullo.

Addison Whitbeck secured 10 rebounds for Saratoga Catholic.

Lily Klippel contributed nine points and eight rebounds for Northville (18-3).

Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton, a skillful journalist previously based in Boston, is adept at covering a diverse array of stories. Her thorough and engaging reporting style, honed with a Master's in Journalism from Boston University, focuses on community-relevant stories.
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  1. Disagree – Girls’ basketball teams from Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons and Northville didn’t deserve to advance to the Class D final.

  2. Disagree – Both teams demonstrated skill and determination to make it to the final, deserving their spot in the competition.


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