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Driver Rescued as Truck Dangles Over Ohio River Following Crash on Bridge


LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A dramatic rescue unfolded on ‍Friday when firefighters saved the driver of a semitruck ​that was precariously hanging over a bridge spanning‌ the Ohio River, following a multi-vehicle collision.

The accident, which⁣ involved ⁣three vehicles, occurred on⁣ the George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge, a ​key link between Louisville, Kentucky, and southern Indiana.⁢ The ⁣incident ‍was reported ‍around midday, according to Louisville Fire Chief Brian O’Neill, who addressed‌ the media at a press briefing.‌ Another individual ⁢involved⁣ in the crash was promptly transported‌ to ‍the hospital, while rescue‍ teams began the complex task ‍of extracting​ the truck​ driver from the cab.

Setting up a rope system ‌and preparing a ⁤rescuer to rappel down to the cab took ⁣approximately 40 minutes. The driver was then secured in a safety harness ⁤and carefully extracted from the vehicle, O’Neill explained. She was subsequently taken to the hospital ⁢for precautionary measures.

“Our teams regularly train for ‌such challenging situations,” he said, referring to the rescue operation. “This incident represents a worst-case⁣ scenario.”

O’Neill praised ‍the firefighters for their preparedness and professionalism, attributing the successful operation to their rigorous⁣ training. “These individuals are true heroes,” he ⁣said. “Their professionalism, practice, and training were evident. They immediately sprang‌ into action and ensured her safety.”

The Louisville Metro police ⁣are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the crash. The bridge was still closed in both directions as of Friday afternoon.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet announced ⁤that a thorough safety inspection of ‌the bridge will be carried out⁣ once⁤ all vehicles involved in⁤ the accident have been cleared from the scene.

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