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First-ever Walk with Women march set to cross Schenectady this Sunday


SCHENECTADY — The⁢ city of Schenectady is preparing to celebrate Women’s ‍History Month in a ‍grand style ⁣with a first-ever women’s march ​scheduled for Sunday morning, right through the city’s core.

The event, ‍dubbed Walk with Women, is set to kick off⁤ at 9 a.m. Sunday from the steps of City Hall. The‌ march, covering a ‍distance of one and a half miles, will ‍wind its way through Nott Terrace and State Street, before making its way back to City Hall on Jay Street by 11​ a.m.

The brain ​behind this initiative, Cora Schroeter, expressed her desire to ⁣commemorate Women’s History Month in March with a befitting⁢ tribute to women.

“The idea just‌ struck ​me,” she shared. “As I was contemplating the⁤ significance of March being Women’s History Month, I felt a strong urge to remind everyone to⁢ celebrate women, ⁤their historical contributions, and to envision the future ⁣possibilities.”

As of Monday, Schroeter ⁤confirmed that around 50 local‌ residents have pledged to join the march.

Notable ⁢figures such ​as Schenectady ⁣Mayor Gary McCarthy, City Councilwoman Carmel ​Patrick,‍ Amsterdam 1st Ward Alderperson Kelly Quist-Demars, and Schroeter herself ⁢will‌ be addressing the crowd before the march commences.

“The essence of this event is to celebrate women,” ⁢Schroeter emphasized.⁢ “It’s not about politics, religion, sexual ⁣orientation, or ethnicity. It’s purely about celebrating women.”

Participants are encouraged to⁣ bring along homemade posters and banners to the march, featuring motivational quotes or⁣ showcasing ⁤the achievements of women.

If the march proves to be a success, Schroeter hopes to make it ⁤an annual event, with the possibility of extending⁢ it to other local municipalities.

“It doesn’t ​have to be‍ a massive event, but as long as it ignites a spark in​ people to remember that⁣ we​ should celebrate women every day of the year. March, in particular, gives us an opportunity to be enthusiastic about it and‍ remind people as we move‌ forward,” Schroeter added.

Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton, a skillful journalist previously based in Boston, is adept at covering a diverse array of stories. Her thorough and engaging reporting style, honed with a Master's in Journalism from Boston University, focuses on community-relevant stories.
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  1. Disagree – Gender-specific marches like this only perpetuate division instead of promoting unity and equality for all.

  2. Disagree – Gender-specific marches help raise awareness and address issues unique to women in our society. #EqualityForAll


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