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Schenectady Foundation Plans to Allocate $2M in Grants by 2024


SCHENECTADY — The Schenectady Foundation is gearing up to distribute a whopping $2 million in grants this year. The beneficiaries will be organizations that are committed to enhancing access to nutritious food and revitalizing urban neighborhoods.

The foundation has officially opened its grant application program, setting aside an impressive $900,000 for grants aimed at ensuring fair access to healthy food.

Over the past three years, the organization has generously allocated $2.5 million in grants to support initiatives that promote easy access to healthy food.

“Our approach is to tackle systemic issues with a long-term perspective,” said Robert Carreau, Executive Director of the Schenectady Foundation, in a statement. “Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every individual and family in Schenectady County is food-secure. We understand that achieving this will require time, persistence, collaboration, and the development of innovative solutions.”

The foundation is also committed to continuing its support for the newly established Schenectady County Food Council.

“The Foundation and the Food Council work hand in hand,” stated Kristi Milligan, the Director of Grants and Community Programs at The Schenectady Foundation. “Addressing major issues requires a collective effort from people and organizations all moving towards the same goal. This is a principle that is embraced by the Council, our grantees, and our community partners.”

The Schenectady Foundation, which has distributed over $32 million in grants and scholarships over the past six decades, will also allocate over $400,000 in neighborhood revitalization grants this year to local community groups.

“We believe that the most effective way to bring about meaningful, lasting change is to listen to the needs of the residents,” said Omayra Padilla De Jesus, Chair of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. “What we consistently hear from our community is a desire to beautify, uplift, and rejuvenate the neighborhoods where they live, work, and play.”

The $2 million in grants will also include $325,000 for emergent needs for community groups that are addressing the urgent needs of residents.

The foundation’s 2024 grant funding round will also feature $280,000 in micro grants aimed at small, innovative community programs and $60,000 for scholarships for local students.

Those interested in applying for foundation grants are required to submit letters of inquiry through the group’s online grant portal.

Applications for the foundation’s emergent grants are due on May 15, while applications for food access grants will be accepted until Nov. 6.

The Schenectady Foundation will be hosting a series of grant workshops to assist potential applicants through the process. The first workshop is scheduled for March 4 at 11 a.m. at the Karen B. Johnson Library.

Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton, a skillful journalist previously based in Boston, is adept at covering a diverse array of stories. Her thorough and engaging reporting style, honed with a Master's in Journalism from Boston University, focuses on community-relevant stories.
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