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GE Vernova set to commence stock trading on April 2


SCHENECTADY — The New York Stock Exchange will soon see the addition of a new player, GE Vernova, following the official approval of its spin-off by the General Electric Co. Board of Directors. This significant move is set to take place next month.

As of April 2, GE Vernova will stand as an independent entity, marking over two years since the former conglomerate revealed its intention to break into three distinct companies. These new entities will each concentrate on a specific sector: aviation, health care, and energy. The original GE, a brainchild of Thomas Edison, was established in 1892 and had its headquarters in Schenectady for many years.

Vernova’s primary focus will be on renewable energy, with its operations continuing in downtown Schenectady, where the construction of on-shore wind turbines is currently underway. The company’s headquarters will be located just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

Upon the successful completion of the spin-off, GE will transition to operate under the name GE Aerospace.

“This announcement paves the way for the monumental launches of GE Vernova and GE Aerospace, marking the completion of our transformation into three separate, investment-grade industry leaders,” stated Lawrence Culp Jr., the GE chairman and CEO of GE Aerospace.

GE shareholders will automatically receive Vernova shares without any required action on their part. For every four shares of GE common stock held as of March 19, shareholders will receive one Vernova share.

Those who currently hold GE stock will retain their shares, which will be under the GE Aerospace name.

GE stocks have seen a significant increase this year, with the value per share reaching $158 as of Friday. This represents a 25% increase since the start of the new year.

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