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Five Budget-Friendly Houses in Schenectady County


Welcome to ⁣our weekly property roundup, brought‌ to you by The Daily Gazette.⁤ We’re ⁣here to showcase some of the most intriguing ​properties for sale in the Capital Region. ​Whether ⁣you’re actively searching⁢ for ‍a new home or simply enjoy browsing local real estate,​ join us each week to explore what’s on offer. Our listings are sourced from schenectadyny.kotohomes.com.

As per⁤ the data from the Federal Reserve ​Bank‌ of​ St.‍ Louis, the median home price⁣ in America at the end⁣ of 2023 stood​ at $417,700. In this article, we’re featuring‌ four homes in Schenectady county that are priced below this median value.

730 Dunnsville Rd., Rotterdam

Featuring a timeless brick exterior‍ and⁢ a bright, sunlit interior thanks ⁣to large ⁤windows, this Rotterdam home⁢ is a classic ‍beauty. It sits on approximately half ⁤an acre and includes ‌three bedrooms and one ‍full bathroom. The kitchen has been recently renovated⁢ and comes with new appliances and fixtures. The asking price is $269,900. For more details, ​reach out to Jennifer Whipple at ‌518-356-1701.

1145 Saint Jude Dr., Rotterdam

This property⁢ is a feast for the eyes with a vibrant pink tree adorning⁣ the front yard and‌ colorful blue and green walls inside. It features three bedrooms, ⁤two bathrooms, ‌and a finished family room in the⁣ basement. This ranch-style home is ‌listed for $349,900. For inquiries, contact Paula Anne Ross at 518-356-1701.

710 N. Brandywine Ave., Schenectady

This charming home, built in ⁢1905,‌ is slightly⁢ elevated ​with a quaint,⁤ sloping‍ front yard. A small driveway leads to the back door. ​Inside, you’ll find three bedrooms ‌and two ‌bathrooms. ⁣The‌ spacious kitchen⁣ includes a ⁤dining area. For more information about this $189,999 home, contact Stephanie Ciampolillo at 518-356-1701.

217 Chiswell Rd., Schenectady

The living area of this home, centered around ⁤a modern built-in fireplace, opens up‍ to a newly ⁢updated kitchen. A covered back porch provides additional outdoor living space. Enjoy these brand ⁤new features for the price of​ $269,995. For⁢ inquiries, contact ​Shiv ​Hari at 518-348-2060.

2232 Guilderland Ave., Schenectady

Don’t let its compact size fool you, this home ⁤boasts a modern⁣ and playful interior, complete with purple-toned ‍lighting that complements the ‌soft wall colors. Recent renovations ‍include an‍ extra-large shower. This home can be yours for $217,500. For more ⁤information, contact Moonrani Gumani at 518-356-1701.

Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton, a skillful journalist previously based in Boston, is adept at covering a diverse array of stories. Her thorough and engaging reporting style, honed with a Master's in Journalism from Boston University, focuses on community-relevant stories.
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