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Simone’s Kitchen Set to Launch Another Branch at Stuyvesant Plaza


GUILDERLAND⁢ — Exciting ​news for food lovers! Simone’s Kitchen, a beloved local eatery, has ‍revealed its plans to⁢ expand its ‍presence in the Capital Region ⁣by opening a new branch in Stuyvesant Plaza and reviving its original Coxsackie location in​ the near future.

The⁤ upcoming Stuyvesant‍ Plaza branch, which will be⁢ the⁤ third location for the‍ Mediterranean restaurant,‌ is slated to open its doors this summer. It will be conveniently located on ‍the south ‌side of the Guilderland plaza,‍ next to Felthousen’s Florist, and ‍will share the space with ​a new outlet of Saratoga Springs-based​ Union Hall⁢ Supply ⁢Co.

“We are ‌overjoyed to welcome Simone’s Kitchen and Union Hall ⁤Supply Co., two exceptional local businesses, to Stuyvesant Plaza ​later this year,”⁤ expressed Rachel ⁢Ferluge, Stuyvesant ⁣Plaza General Manager. “Simone’s has‍ earned a special place in the hearts of Capital Region ‌residents with its impressive array of Mediterranean delicacies.”

The inaugural ‍Simone’s Kitchen was launched in Coxsackie in August 2018 by Bashir Chedrawee and his mother, the restaurant’s namesake, and quickly‌ gained popularity for its Mediterranean-style ‍offerings like pitas, chicken​ shawarma, and falafels. They expanded their operations by opening‍ a second branch on Jay Street ⁢in Schenectady⁤ in August 2022.

“Stuyvesant Plaza, with its diverse range of dining options, provides the ideal backdrop for⁢ our latest ⁣venture,” Chedrawee stated. “Our menu⁣ is a fusion of Mediterranean flavors, crafted with carefully selected ingredients to create dishes that are⁢ a delight to the palate! We are eager to introduce these vibrant flavors⁤ to Stuyvesant Plaza.”

Earlier this‍ week, Chedrawee shared a ‍video on the restaurant’s‌ social media platforms, announcing⁤ the reopening of the original Simone’s location at 18 Hope Plaza in Coxsackie on April 17. The Coxsackie branch had to close its‌ doors in August 2021 due to the COVID pandemic and subsequent staffing issues.

“It’s time ⁤for us to face reality,” Chedrawee said in his‌ video. “We’ve done everything in our power, but we ​must accept that Simone’s Kitchen in Coxsackie will soon ​be ‍back in‍ business.”

The grand​ reopening will be marked with⁢ a special event featuring‍ prizes and surprises. Chedrawee also announced that all proceeds from the grand reopening will be donated to local community organizations, including Coxsackie ‍Food Pantry and Community Action of Greene County.

“We have ⁢invested our heart and soul into this venture and this community,” Chedrawee said in the video. “The overwhelming support ⁣we received from the public is something we will always⁤ treasure. From Coxsackie,‍ to⁣ Catskill to Greenville and Ravena, we‌ experienced immense love and support for our endeavor, and that ⁣is something we will​ always hold dear.”

Running Simone’s requires ‍a large team, Chedrawee acknowledged, ⁢and the limited workforce in Coxsackie has been a persistent challenge.

Chedrawee also extended an invitation to the community‍ for an afterparty at‍ the Wire Event Center‍ downtown from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.

“The celebration ‍will continue,” Chedrawee said. “We will keep raising funds for these​ organizations, ⁢and we will celebrate this wonderful ⁣community.”

Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton, a skillful journalist previously based in Boston, is adept at covering a diverse array of stories. Her thorough and engaging reporting style, honed with a Master's in Journalism from Boston University, focuses on community-relevant stories.
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