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Woman from Schoharie County apprehended with 30 pounds of meth in Schenectady, according to state troopers


SCHENECTADY – A woman from Schoharie County found herself in handcuffs last week, following allegations ⁢of her possession of a staggering 30 pounds⁣ of methamphetamine in Schenectady, as reported by the New York State Police.

But that’s not all. ⁣ The woman is also suspected of having 42 grams of cocaine in her possession, according to the police.

The accused, identified as Cynthia M. Murdock, 36, hails from Jefferson. She is now facing a serious ‌charge‍ of second-degree criminal possession of a controlled ⁣substance, along ‌with three counts of⁢ third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, the police added.

Murdock was apprehended last Thursday by ⁤the New York ‍State Police Troop G Violent Gang and Narcotics Enforcement Team. This arrest was the result of a comprehensive ​investigation that involved ‍the Schenectady Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit and the state police’s Electronic Surveillance Unit, the police informed.

Through their ⁤investigation, ​the police were able to establish that Murdock was making trips to⁤ the Schenectady area with the intention of trafficking narcotics.

The exact location of the arrest was not disclosed due to the ongoing ‌investigation. However, the police did reveal that the drugs were discovered inside two⁢ suitcases, ⁢thanks to the keen ⁤senses of two police canines.

Following her arrest, Murdock was processed and arraigned. She was subsequently ordered to be held without bail. The investigation into this case is still ongoing, the police ​concluded.

Kiara Thomas
Kiara Thomas
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