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McConnell Backs Trump for Presidency Despite Previously Condemning His Role in Jan. 6, 2021, Assault


WASHINGTON —​ In a surprising turn of events, ⁣Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, who once criticized ‍Donald Trump for his role in the⁣ Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol ⁣attack, ⁤has now‌ endorsed the former president’s bid for a return to the White​ House.

McConnell, the last⁣ top⁢ GOP leader in Congress ⁣to⁢ align with Trump, announced his support following Trump’s victories on Super Tuesday, which brought him closer to securing the party’s nomination.

The two men had not been ⁣in direct communication since 2020‌ when McConnell acknowledged Democrat Joe Biden‍ as the victor ⁤of the presidential election. However, their teams⁤ have recently resumed discussions regarding an ⁢endorsement.

“The support‍ that former President ⁤Trump has‌ garnered from Republican ⁢voters clearly ‌indicates that he is our party’s preferred nominee for President of the United States,”⁤ McConnell stated.

McConnell added, “As the‍ nominee, he will naturally have my support.”

McConnell’s endorsement, ⁢despite‍ his previous criticism of Trump as “morally ‌responsible” for the 2021​ Capitol‌ attack, ⁣lends a sense​ of institutional legitimacy to the former president’s campaign to reclaim the White House.

This endorsement ⁣comes on the ‍heels of McConnell’s recent⁤ announcement that​ he will not‍ seek re-election as leader after this term, a position he ⁢has held longer ‌than any other senator. His‍ focus now is ⁣on regaining Republican control of the Senate, with Trump likely leading ⁤the GOP ticket.

Trump can now count on the support of GOP⁣ leaders in Congress, including Speaker Mike Johnson and Senate Republicans hoping to succeed​ McConnell as leader, ‍in‌ his bid‍ for​ the presidency.

McConnell highlighted the ⁤accomplishments achieved ⁣during their previous collaboration,‌ stating, “Trump and‌ I worked together to achieve significant results ‍for‍ the American people.”

Despite⁢ their past differences, McConnell’s endorsement of Trump signifies a political reunion, with both men prioritizing their political interests over personal‌ grievances.


Trump has publicly criticized McConnell in the past, referring to him ⁣as an “Old Crow”. He also made racially offensive remarks about‍ McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, who served as ⁣Trump’s Transportation⁤ Secretary and resigned following the Jan. 6 ‍attack​ — an event McConnell referred to as an insurrection.

McConnell’s​ endorsement of ​Trump signals to⁢ other hesitant Republicans — and the wealthy donors ​who fund campaigns⁣ —⁣ that it’s time to rally behind Trump, despite⁢ any lingering doubts about​ a‍ return to⁣ the Trump ‍era.

Following the Jan. 6 attack on ​the ​Capitol, ​McConnell strongly condemned Trump’s actions, blaming the defeated president for spreading unfounded claims of a rigged election.

Although McConnell did not vote to ⁣convict Trump in the Senate trial on House impeachment charges of inciting​ the Capitol insurrection, he cautioned that Trump could still face⁣ civil or criminal‍ prosecution after leaving the‍ White House.

“He hasn’t escaped anything yet,” McConnell ​stated ⁢in the​ Senate at the time.

“Our ‍country has a criminal justice ⁤system. ‌We have civil litigation, and former​ presidents are‌ not exempt from being held accountable by either,” he added.

Trump has been indicted on federal charges ‍of conspiracy to ‍defraud Americans and obstruct an ⁤official proceeding in his attempts to overturn⁢ Biden’s​ victory and ‌the Jan. 6 attack. However, he has claimed immunity, a challenge ⁢that ‌is currently before the Supreme Court.

Despite his reservations about Trump’s conduct during his presidency, McConnell seems willing⁤ to⁣ overlook these issues in light‍ of the ⁤achievements made⁤ during⁢ Trump’s term.

Trump enacted a GOP tax⁢ cuts package and, with McConnell at the helm of ‌the Senate, was able to secure the confirmation of ⁣three Supreme⁣ Court justices. This fulfilled conservatives’‌ long-standing‍ goal of overturning Roe v. Wade and the constitutional ​right to an abortion.

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