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2024 Greens Fees to Increase at Schenectady Municipal Golf Course


SCHENECTADY — Golf enthusiasts will have to shell out an additional $2 ⁣for an 18-hole game at the Schenectady Municipal Golf‍ Course, ‍according to ‌a new proposal aimed at increasing the greens fees at this public course.

The Schenectady City Council is set to vote ‌on the proposed rate hikes⁢ on Monday. The intention behind these increases is to generate funds for​ the site’s new course maintenance agreement.

As per the proposal, the daily ⁣rates for a nine-hole game would ​see a $1 increase for residents, seniors, students, and non-residents alike. The price for a full round would go up by $2.

Under this plan,‍ city residents would be ‍charged $29 for an 18-hole⁣ game on a weekday and $31 on weekends.‌ Golfers wishing to rent​ a cart for their round would have to pay an‌ additional $18 per round.

The proposed rates also include a $100 hike for⁤ a season ‍pass for residents, with the price set to rise from $1,500 to $1,600 for the golf season.

Mike Scesny, the former golf course Superintendent, retired last year after⁣ serving for over two decades. The city has ‍since issued a request for proposal to ⁢secure ⁣a new‌ firm to maintain the course. The council is currently considering a proposed three-year agreement ‌between the city and TerrAmend Inc. ⁣to service the public ‍course.

The Troy-based company would ​receive approximately‌ $1.5 million ​over‌ three years to⁢ maintain the course and the club’s⁤ maintenance equipment.

“The rate‍ increase is based on the potential maintenance agreement,” Matt Daley, the city’s head golf pro, told the board regarding the ⁤proposed rate increases. “We’re confident ​that the increase in rates will cover all the⁤ costs we’re going to incur this year. We‍ take pride in the fact that we don’t become⁢ a burden on the city’s taxpayers. We’re a self-sustaining entity ‌for the city.”

Schenectady ​Mayor Gary McCarthy stated on Tuesday that the city expects to ⁤receive the same level of course maintenance or better under the new contract.

“It’s overall inflationary costs,” he said of the ⁤greens fee increases. “Everything is up a little ​bit and we’re ⁢just adjusting the ​rate structure to ‍reflect that.”

During Monday’s meeting, City Councilman Carl Williams asked Daley ‌where the new rates would position the‌ city’s municipal course in the local ‌marketplace.

“We’re pretty much falling right in ⁣line with all the other (courses),” ⁤Daley responded.

For comparison, ‌the Stadium Golf Club in Schenectady is charging $34 per 18 holes on weekdays in 2024, with the club charging $36 on weekends, and a ⁢$24 fee to rent a cart.

The Capital Hills‍ at Albany public course is charging $32 per 18 holes for residents, with a $41 per round greens fee for non-Albany residents.

The ​city received ‍three bids for the course maintenance, with ‌the local company chosen over unnamed⁢ regional and national vendors.

City Engineer Chris Wallin told the council on Monday ⁢that​ the city would ​benefit⁣ from having a local firm tending the city’s golf course.

“One of the things that we are learning is that the industry is⁢ based on who you ​know and some of the insider things,” he said. “We⁣ have equipment that gets maintained and some of it’s specialty, so you need to know the people in the​ industry around here that do maintain it.”

Daley emphasized to the council that time was of the essence in getting a maintenance agreement in place before the golf season opens. The 2023 season teed off in mid-April.

“The groundhog said it’s an‍ early spring,” Daley joked during Monday’s meeting.​ “So we’re moving forward. Facilities are actually opening now, so we don’t have a lot of time.”

Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton
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