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Jason Palmer triumphs over Joe Biden in Democratic caucus of American Samoa


WASHINGTON — In a surprising turn of events, President Joe Biden, who was‌ dominating every​ Democratic contest on Super Tuesday, stumbled in American Samoa.

Unexpectedly, a relatively‍ unknown candidate named Jason⁢ Palmer⁣ outperformed Biden⁣ in the territory’s caucus. ⁤With a total of 91 votes‍ cast, Palmer secured ⁣51, ‍leaving Biden trailing with 40, as reported by the local party.

“The news of my ⁢victory reached me through a flurry⁢ of ​texts from friends and campaign staff,” ‌Palmer shared in​ a late-night interview on Tuesday.

At 52, ⁢Palmer confessed that he had never set foot in the territory‍ before the caucus. “My campaign ⁢was conducted remotely. I engaged‍ with the people through Zoom town ‌halls, listening to their concerns and understanding what matters to them,” he ‌explained.

Despite this minor setback, Biden’s journey towards ⁤securing his party’s nomination remains‍ largely unaffected. The U.S. territory, a​ small cluster of islands in the South‌ Pacific‍ with a population‌ of less than 50,000, had only six delegates up‍ for grabs. Both Palmer and Biden ⁢walked away with ⁢three delegates each.

On the eve ⁢of the caucus, Palmer took ⁤to the social platform X, previously ‌known as Twitter, to‌ express his ‍advocacy for American Samoa. “Washington D.C. is long overdue for ⁣a president who will be an advocate⁤ for American Samoa,” he​ posted. His account features images ⁣of young supporters with homemade campaign signs.

A resident of Baltimore, Palmer has a⁢ diverse professional background, having⁣ worked for various businesses ‍and nonprofits, primarily ​focusing on technology and education. He believes⁢ voters are looking for “a president ⁣who embodies the 21st century more than Joe Biden.”

Campaign finance records reveal that Palmer ⁤has invested ​over $500,000 of‍ his personal funds into his campaign. ​”You can’t take the money​ with you when you die,” he stated. “But you can change the ⁤world while ⁤you’re here.”

While residents of U.S. territories participate in primaries, they do not have representation in the Electoral College.

Interestingly, American Samoa has a history of unexpected victories. During the 2020 Democratic⁢ primaries, ‌the territory was the only ⁤place where billionaire Michael Bloomberg emerged victorious.

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