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Vice & Virtue Set to Officially Launch at the Previous Location of Pinhead Susan’s Next Week


SCHENECTADY -‍ The much-anticipated Vice & Virtue‍ is set to open its doors on March 12, taking over ⁣the ‍space ​previously occupied by Pinhead​ Susan’s⁤ in Schenectady.

Owners Tim Rankins and Julie⁢ Moscheo ‍recently shared the exciting news ‍of the imminent opening on the establishment’s⁢ Facebook page.

Originally, the duo had planned to launch the restaurant and bar in September. However, like many other businesses, ⁤obtaining a state liquor license proved ⁣to be a more time-consuming⁤ process than anticipated, according to Moscheo. Now, with all necessary licenses and permits ‌in hand, they are ​eager and prepared to ‍welcome patrons to their new venture.

“We’ve installed a new bar in the ​back room, revamped⁣ the color schemes, updated the wallpaper, and ​added new‌ granite to⁢ the front bar,” Moscheo⁣ shared. “The place has a fantastic vibe, and we’ve ⁣been receiving a lot ‍of positive feedback so far.”

The grand opening of Vice & Virtue is scheduled for March 12. The establishment‍ will​ be open from⁣ 11 a.m. to⁤ midnight, Tuesday through Saturday, and will also open on Sundays and Mondays during Proctors events.

“Our focus is on creating a ‍welcoming atmosphere, complemented⁣ by our​ delicious⁤ food and drink ⁤offerings,” Moscheo explained. “We aim to be an ​upscale yet down-to-earth and enjoyable venue. Our‌ mission is to foster connections over good food and drinks. Our‌ motto is ‘our vice is‍ good ⁢food and drink⁣ and our virtue is serving our⁢ friends and family’.”

Vice & Virtue ⁣offers a‌ diverse range ‍of lunch and dinner​ options, as​ well as a specialty ⁢cocktail and‌ wine menu. The menu ⁣is described⁣ on the‍ company’s website⁢ as ⁤a “harmonious ⁢blend of seasonal, locally sourced ingredients⁣ fused​ with​ unique flare.” ​Catering services will⁢ also be available.

The venue features three ⁣separate dining areas and two bars, providing flexibility for banquets ‍and private parties, Moscheo added.⁣ Reservations can ‍be made online via the Vice & Virtue website.

Tim Rankins, a former football⁣ player at UAlbany, purchased his first bar, Bogies on Ontario Street, during his senior‍ year of college. He has owned ‍Pearl Restaurant & Lounge and Envy Lounge in downtown Albany‍ from 2005 to 2013.​ The Rankins also ⁢run Cage Wars, a business ⁣that organizes mixed martial arts events nationwide, ‌including at Rivers Casino, located just down the ‍street from their new establishment.

The ⁤property at 38-40 North Broadway was ‌previously home to Pinhead ⁣Susan’s, which closed in April of ⁤last year.​ Property owner ‍Joey Faizy⁣ revealed that he had received several‌ offers for the⁢ space even before ⁤it was officially ⁣on the⁤ market.

Faizy ‌bought the restaurant‍ in February 2019, following the announcement​ of former owner and co-founder Dennis McDonald’s ⁤retirement in⁣ 2018. McDonald, ⁣along with ​his brother Jack McDonald, had renovated the 19th-century building and transformed it into Pinhead Susan’s in 2000.

Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton, a skillful journalist previously based in Boston, is adept at covering a diverse array of stories. Her thorough and engaging reporting style, honed with a Master's in Journalism from Boston University, focuses on community-relevant stories.
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