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Russia Contemplates Establishing a Lunar Nuclear Power Plant in Collaboration with China


From the​ heart⁤ of MOSCOW — An ⁣intriguing collaboration between‍ Russia and China⁣ is⁤ in‌ the‌ works, as they⁣ contemplate the establishment of‍ a nuclear power plant on the ​moon between 2033 ⁢and 2035.​ This⁢ ambitious project was revealed ‌by Yuri Borisov, the director‌ of Russia’s space agency, Roscosmos, on Tuesday. He believes that‌ this could pave the way ⁤for the construction of ‌lunar settlements‌ in⁤ the future.

Borisov, who previously served as the deputy defense minister,​ disclosed that Russia⁤ and China have been working together on ‍a lunar program. He emphasized that Russia’s proficiency in “nuclear space energy” could be a significant contribution to this joint venture.

“We are seriously contemplating a project ⁢— around the period ⁢of⁤ 2033-2035 — to⁣ transport and set up a power⁤ unit on the lunar surface in ⁣collaboration with our Chinese counterparts,” Borisov stated.

He explained that ⁤solar panels would not be sufficient to supply⁤ the necessary ⁣electricity for future lunar settlements. ‌However, nuclear power could meet this demand.

“This is a formidable⁤ challenge⁤ … it⁢ should be executed in automatic mode, without human intervention,”​ he said, ​referring to the potential plan.

Borisov also shed light on Russia’s plans to construct⁢ a nuclear-powered cargo spaceship. He mentioned that all technical aspects of the project⁤ have been addressed, except for devising a method to cool the nuclear reactor.

“We are indeed developing a space tugboat. This colossal structure, powered by a nuclear ⁣reactor and ‍high-power turbines, would‍ be capable of transporting‌ large cargoes from ​one orbit to another, collecting space debris, ⁣and ‍performing many other functions,” Borisov elaborated.

Russian ⁤officials have previously expressed ‍their ambitious‍ plans to mine on the Moon. However, the Russian⁢ space ​program⁢ has ‍encountered several obstacles in recent years.

Its first moon mission in 47 years ended in failure last year when Russia’s Luna-25 spacecraft lost control and crashed.

Despite this setback, Moscow has announced‍ plans to ⁣launch ​additional lunar missions and explore the feasibility of ⁢a joint Russian-Chinese manned mission and even a lunar base.

China announced last ​month its goal to send the first Chinese astronaut​ to the moon before 2030.

Just last month, Russian President Vladimir​ Putin dismissed a warning from ⁣the United States that Moscow intended ⁢to place nuclear weapons in⁢ space⁣ as false. He claimed it was a tactic to lure Russia into arms negotiations on the West’s terms.

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  1. Disagree – This could have dangerous implications for the space environment and potential for weaponizing in the future.

  2. Disagree – This is a dangerous and irresponsible move that could lead to disastrous consequences for the future of space exploration.

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