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Archives: Schenectady and the solar eclipse train of 1925


SCHENECTADY -‌ As we approach the solar eclipse⁤ on April 8, we thought ​it would be interesting to delve into our archives and revisit our coverage of the last total solar eclipse that was visible⁣ from New York⁤ State. This event took place almost⁤ a century ago, on January 24, 1925.

Just like the ⁢forthcoming eclipse, the Capital Region was not in ​the path of totality⁤ during⁢ the ⁤1925 ⁣event. The path of totality ran south of the ‌region. This ⁤year,‌ the best viewing spots are to ⁤the north and ‌west.

On a ‌chilly January​ morning in 1925, a group of Schenectady residents boarded a train to Saugerties to⁣ witness the​ total eclipse. They were anxious about whether they would arrive in time for ⁢the spectacle. According to our report, which was rich in detail⁤ but lacked photographs, they made ​it just in time.

“The sky turned a deeper ⁤and deeper shade of indigo – strange shadows, double-edged and foreboding – and then the radiant abyss of the ⁣heavens suddenly filled⁣ with stars,” our report read.

The story was featured on the front page of the Gazette’s first edition following the ‌event, which was published that Monday. Also on⁣ the front page of ‌the Gazette’s January 26, 1925​ edition was an Associated Press​ report about the reopening​ of Tutankhamun’s tomb in Egypt, less than three years after its ⁤discovery.

Interestingly, while ​the article mentioned “Schenectadadians,” no quotes from any of the train passengers were included. The report simply provided a vivid description of the ordinary – and extraordinary.

However, in our archive searches, we found references to Union College students and students from the old Woestina High School in Rotterdam Junction⁢ who ‍were expected to be⁣ on‍ the eclipse‍ train.

The students from Woestina considered the​ trip ‌”well worth the effort,”‍ according‌ to a note ‍published a few days later. “There was a⁤ lot ⁤of anxiety caused ⁣by the ⁣delay of the train in ⁤getting started and other interruptions along the way. The tension was finally‍ relieved when the train arrived at the station just in time for the⁣ totality.”

Read​ our full report from the Saugerties eclipse train below:

Whole Trip Thrills Schenectadians

Jan. 26, ‍1925/Schenectady Gazette

Excursion⁢ to Saugerties Keeps⁣ Everyone on Edge Until Final Exhibit

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