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Proposal for Hyatt House at Mohawk Harbor in Schenectady Under Consideration


SCHENECTADY — ​The Galesi Group, fresh ⁢off the commencement ‍of construction on a ⁤new hockey arena at Mohawk ‌Harbor, has now unveiled⁣ plans to build a ‍100-room hotel‍ at the same location.

The proposed Hyatt House hotel⁤ is set to span 75,000​ square feet across five stories, and will be situated‌ on the ⁣north side of the harbor, just to the east of the soon-to-be-completed arena.

“This project signifies a major step‍ forward ⁢in the ongoing rejuvenation of Schenectady ⁢and the ​Capital ‌Region,” stated David Buicko, president and CEO of the Galesi Group. “Mohawk Harbor has already established itself as a top tourist spot in upstate New York, and the⁣ forthcoming arena is set to attract even more‍ visitors to our ⁣waterfront development. As such, a new hotel is essential to meet the growing demand. We are thrilled to introduce the Hyatt House brand to‌ this region.”

The project, which includes plans for an indoor pool, fitness center, ‍and a bar with an outdoor patio ​offering views of the harbor, still requires approval from city planners. The ⁢hotel will also feature a meeting room capable of accommodating⁢ 50 people.

If given the green light, the Hyatt House will join the Courtyard⁣ by Marriott and the Landing Hotel, part of Rivers Casino, as the ⁤third hotel at Mohawk Harbor. There are also several other hotels in downtown Schenectady and Glenville.

According to Todd Garofano, executive director of Discover Schenectady, ⁣the county’s tourism ⁢arm, a ‌new hotel ⁤would “undoubtedly ​enhance” Schenectady County’s appeal ⁤as a tourist destination ⁣and will complement the new ‌arena.

“The new hotel will perfectly complement the upcoming Mohawk Harbor Arena, and we eagerly⁣ anticipate welcoming⁢ guests to experience all the attractions our county has to offer,” he added.

The site of Mohawk Harbor was previously occupied by the American​ Locomotive ​Co. The waterfront site, which overlooks the Mohawk River, was​ a neglected‍ brownfield for many years until it was cleaned up and redeveloped ‌by the Galesi Group.

Today, the harbor site boasts a variety ⁤of popular attractions such as Rivers ​Casino, numerous restaurants, and a range of retail options. The site also houses office space and apartments, and hosts popular events like Harbor Jam that attract thousands of visitors.

“The new Hyatt at Mohawk Harbor ⁤represents another stride in transforming the former ‌Alco site into one ⁤of⁣ the largest and most successful waterfront developments in New York state,” Buicko said.

The new arena, with a⁤ seating capacity of 2,500 for hockey games ⁢and over 3,000 for other events, is⁤ expected to further enhance the harbor’s appeal.

Plans for the ​facility were in discussion for years, but only gained momentum ‍in 2022, when Assemblyman ⁣Angelo Santabarbara, D-Rotterdam, announced $10 million ⁢in state funding for the ⁣project.

Schenectady County also contributed $5 million in American Rescue Plan⁤ Act funds for the project, and the⁣ city lawmakers⁣ added an⁣ additional $2.5 million⁣ from its ‌own pool of federal coronavirus-relief funding.

Both the county and city have approved​ public-benefit ⁢agreements that include public access‌ to the ​facility⁢ and clawback provisions if certain goals are not‌ met.

Union College has entered ⁣into a long-term lease agreement with the Galesi Group that will make the 98,000-square-foot arena the home for its Division I hockey ‌teams worth $20 million. Union hockey currently plays at the aging Messa Rink at Achilles Center.

Stay tuned for ⁤further updates on this story.

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