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Boys’ Lacrosse Results for Section 2 in 2024


Here are the ‍latest updates from the Section 2 boys’ lacrosse games:


In a Suburban Council match, Guilderland triumphed over Troy with a ⁢15-1 victory. Lee Warren was the star of the game, scoring six goals and ‌assisting one. Keegan DeBoom and Alex Goldman also made significant contributions, with DeBoom scoring three goals and ⁤an assist, and‌ Goldman scoring two goals and assisting two. Keegan Castleman added two goals for the Dutchmen, while Cooper McConaghy provided six⁣ assists. Zyire Santana scored the only goal ‍for Troy, with Brody Stanton making 11 saves for the Flying Horses.

Queensbury dominated Hudson Falls in a 19-3 Foothills Council victory, with 12 ⁤different Spartans contributing to the⁤ score. Brayden Shattuck, Austin Holsclaw, and Michael​ Music‍ were the​ top scorers, each with three goals. Keith Miller added one goal and five assists. Lucas Clawson scored twice for Hudson Falls.


Shenendehowa secured a 16-6 Suburban Council victory over Ballston Spa, with Mason Carrol leading the charge with six goals and two assists. Nate Wolfe and Nick Stockwell also played key roles, each scoring three goals and assisting two and one respectively.

Bethlehem emerged victorious over Columbia with an 18-10​ score. Dane Jones and Mason Adams were the top ‌scorers, each with four goals. Luke Johnson and Riley Simmons also made significant ​contributions, with Johnson scoring three goals ⁢and assisting four, and Simmons scoring three goals and assisting one. Buck ⁣Delemater and Brody Delemater each scored three‍ goals and‌ assisted ⁢one‌ for Columbia, while Anthony McLaughlin scored two goals and assisted two.

Niskayuna⁢ won ‌against ⁤Saratoga Springs with a 12-10 score.

In a Foothills Council match, Scotia-Glenville defeated⁤ Hudson Falls 12-7. ​Austin Stark was the star of ⁤the game for‍ the Tartans, scoring ⁣four goals and assisting one. Nick Lemp and Nick Finn each scored two goals. Lucas Clawson scored three goals for Hudson Falls, with goalie Logan Suprenant making ​27 saves.

Queensbury​ defeated South Glens Falls 8-4, thanks to a strong defensive performance in the second half. Spartan goalie Jack ‍Dickerson and the defense managed‍ to shut out the Bulldogs. Ian Reynolds scored three ⁤goals‌ and assisted one⁢ for Queensbury, while Keith Miller scored two goals and assisted one.


Reid Metler scored the winning goal⁢ with an assist from Nathan Wolfe, leading the Shenendehowa boys’ ‍lacrosse team to a 9-8 overtime non-league victory over West Genesee. Wolfe scored two goals and assisted four,‍ while Metler and Nick Stockwell each scored two goals.

Guilderland lost to Cicero-North Syracuse with an 11-5 score. Lee Warren was the top scorer for Guilderland, with two goals and one assist. Nick Donlon made 10 saves for​ the Dutchmen.

Vinny Rosetti led Ballston Spa to a 14-9 Suburban Council victory over Columbia, scoring four⁤ goals and ⁢assisting two. ⁣Declan Phillips, Gavin McNulty, and Luke Staszak also made significant contributions, with Phillips ⁤scoring three goals and assisting one, McNulty scoring two‌ goals and assisting two, and Staszak scoring two goals. Brody DeLaMater ⁢was the top scorer ​for Columbia, with⁣ three goals and an assist. Buck DeLaMater added three goals.


Schenectady/Mohonasen took a commanding 16-0 lead by halftime and‍ went on to ⁣defeat Lansingburgh 20-2 in a Colonial Council match. Azai Baker was the star of the game, scoring six⁣ goals.​ Rorick Perry and Ryan​ Della Rocco also made significant contributions, with Perry scoring five ​goals and assisting three, and Della Rocco⁣ scoring ​three goals and‍ assisting one. Connor Tortley and Devonte Harvey each scored for Lansingburgh.

Senior Ian Reynolds led Queensbury to a 10-4 win over Stillwater/Mechanicville in a⁣ non-league match, ​winning 17‍ of 19 faceoffs and scoring three goals. Jack Dickerson made‍ 10 ⁤saves in the win.‌ Landon​ Staie was the top scorer for Stillwater/Mechanicville, with two goals. Broghan Feguer made⁢ 10 saves.

Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan
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  1. Disagree – Clearly, Section 2 has some work to do if they want to improve their boys’ lacrosse results in the future.

  2. Disagree – Section 2 has shown progress and potential for improvement in boys’ lacrosse, despite current results.


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