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Garnet Chargers Triumph Over Skidmore Thanks to Strong Third Quarter in Women’s Lacrosse Union Match


In an exhilarating display of skill and strategy, ⁤the Union Garnet Chargers outperformed⁤ Skidmore with ⁣a⁤ score of 5-1⁤ in the third quarter ⁣on ⁣Friday. This impressive performance was instrumental in securing​ their 11-9 victory in the Liberty League⁣ women’s lacrosse match held at Frank Bailey Field.

The ‍Garnet Chargers (3-2 LL, 5-4 overall) ‌were trailing 6-5‍ at halftime. ‍However, the tide‌ turned in ‌their favor when Gilliam Joseph initiated a comeback with a player-down goal​ just 1:13 into the third quarter. Anna‍ Smith then took the reins, giving Union‌ the lead with⁢ 10:02 left on the clock. Hannah Compa further solidified their⁤ position ⁣by making it 8-6 with 7:43 remaining.

Despite Skidmore’s Gabriella Modesti scoring a player-up goal with 6:17 left, Union’s Lana Mickelson ‌and Sarah Murphy⁣ scored late ⁤in the ⁢third⁤ quarter, extending Union’s lead to ​10-7.

Smith ⁣was a standout player for Union, ‌contributing three goals ‍and an assist. Joseph also had a strong game, scoring three‍ times, while Compa added two goals to the tally.

On the Skidmore side ‌(2-3, 4-7), Modesti led the team⁣ with three goals.

The Garnet Chargers are set to return to the ⁢field next Saturday at noon for⁤ a match against Vassar.

Skidmore 3 3 1 2 — 9

Union 3 2 5 1 — 11

Skidmore⁢ scoring: Modesti 3-0,⁤ McKinley 1-0, Marr 1-1, Munder 1-0, Walsh 1-0, ⁤Schwartzman 1-0, deBenedictis 1-0, Ross 0-1. ‌ Union ⁢scoring: ​Smith 3-1, ⁣Joseph​ 3-0, Compa⁣ 2-0, Maurer 1-2, Mickelson 1-0, Murphy 1-0,⁣ Varano 0-1. ⁣ Goalies: Skidmore, Kazanjian, 12 saves. Union, Widlitz, 6 saves.

Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan, an informed and passionate sports reporter, is a former college athlete with a degree in Sports Communication from Ithaca College. Go Bombers!
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