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Senate Approves Steven G. James as Superintendent of New York State Police


NEW YORK (WKBW) — In a recent ⁢announcement, New York Governor Kathy Hochul confirmed the Senate’s approval of Steven G. James as the New York State Police Superintendent.

Earlier this year, ⁣Governor Hochul had put forth James’ name as her choice for the NYSP Superintendent role.

According to the governor’s ​office, James has ​an impressive track record with the ⁣NYSP, having served for over three decades. His​ roles have ranged from Trooper to Deputy Superintendent for‌ Employee Relations. James also holds a B.S. in Psychology from SUNY Albany and a Master’s degree ⁢in Public Administration from Marist College.

James is stepping into the shoes of Kevin Bruen, the previous permanent superintendent, who was nominated by former Governor Andrew Cuomo and confirmed by the New York State Senate in June 2021.

Bruen stepped​ down from his position in October 2022. ​Reports from the Albany Times Union⁤ in ‍October 2022 suggest​ that ⁣his resignation was⁣ amidst an investigation into alleged misconduct ⁢by the governor’s ‍office. The WHNY News I-Team was also ​independently investigating⁢ the New York State police disciplinary records during this period.

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Following Bruen’s departure, Western ‍New York native and First Deputy Superintendent Steven Nigrelli took over as Acting Superintendent. However, Nigrelli announced ⁢his retirement in September⁤ 2023. Reports suggest that he was under investigation⁣ for allegations of harassment and mistreatment of employees, including women. These allegations reportedly⁣ led to Governor Hochul informing Nigrelli that he⁤ was ​no longer being considered for the superintendent role.

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When these reports ⁤surfaced, the New York State Office of Employee Relations, which was handling⁣ the investigation, declined to comment to WHNY​ News.

A spokesperson for Governor ‌Hochul confirmed ‌that Nigrelli was ‌not going to be made the permanent‍ superintendent, but⁢ did not comment‌ on the ongoing investigation.

In a‍ statement to WHNY News in September ⁤2023, Nigrelli vehemently denied the allegations of ⁢harassment and abuse towards State Police employees. He ‍stated,‍ “I ‌therefore opted to retire instead of remaining and being‌ a distraction to the outstanding men‍ and ⁣women of our agency and our mission to serve⁢ the public. After 33 years ‍of dedicated service, including the last 5 years‍ in Albany, I’m looking forward to coming back to WNY, the community I love and call home.”

Alejandro Mendoza
Alejandro Mendoza
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