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Images: North America experiences complete solar eclipse


DALLAS — ⁤An awe-inspiring ​celestial event unfolded before the eyes of ⁤millions​ across North America on Monday, as the moon took center ‌stage, obscuring​ the sun in a total solar eclipse.

The path of totality,‌ where the⁣ eclipse was most visible, extended from the vibrant city⁢ of‌ Mazatlán, Mexico, all the⁢ way to the rugged⁣ shores of Newfoundland. This path traversed 15 U.S. states and ‍is home⁣ to a staggering 44 million ​people. From state parks to city rooftops, and quaint small towns, spectators ‌were plunged into a ⁢surreal twilight.

Even those not​ directly under the path of totality‌ were treated to a partial eclipse, where the moon carved the sun⁢ into a blazing crescent, casting an eerie, yet⁣ beautiful light over the ⁢continent.

The eclipse first made ⁤its‍ terrestrial ⁢appearance ‌in Mazatlán, ​casting its sun-kissed beaches into an unexpected ⁣darkness, before continuing ⁣its journey northeast towards⁣ Eagle Pass, Texas, marking one of its first appearances in the U.S.

While total solar eclipses are not uncommon, occurring somewhere around the globe ⁢every 11 to 18 months, it’s rare for them to intersect with such densely populated⁣ areas. The U.S. last experienced this celestial⁣ spectacle in⁣ 2017, and will have to wait until 2045 for the‍ next⁤ coast-to-coast display.

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