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12-Year-Old Girl and Man Detained for Series of Armed Thefts in LA County


LOS ⁣ANGELES — The Los Angeles⁣ Police Department has reported the apprehension of two individuals, an⁣ 18-year-old male and a 12-year-old female, who are suspected to be involved in a⁣ series of⁢ armed ‌robberies throughout Los Angeles County. The announcement was made on Tuesday.

The most recent‍ incident, according to the police, occurred on Saturday. Law enforcement officers were ⁣called to a ⁢robbery in progress at a local convenience store located on⁤ the 3200 block of South⁢ Central Avenue.

The police statement detailed the events: “Upon ⁣arrival, officers were directed​ towards a vehicle that was seen leaving the scene. The officers attempted to pull over the vehicle, which led to a​ high-speed ‍chase. During the chase, a firearm was thrown out of the vehicle, which was later⁣ retrieved by the officers.”

The chase eventually came ⁣to a halt, ‌and the officers were able to detain both occupants of the ‌vehicle.

“Further investigation revealed that both individuals in the vehicle⁢ were implicated in the armed robbery, where ​a significant amount of money ​was stolen,” the⁣ LAPD statement continued. “The stolen money was found and recovered from the vehicle.”

It was‌ also discovered that the vehicle used in the ⁢robbery ‍had been stolen earlier that day in an armed carjacking in⁣ the Hollenbeck Area, as per the police report.

Both suspects were taken ‍into custody ⁣for their alleged participation in other armed robberies ⁣in cities such as South Gate and Azusa.

The 18-year-old suspect has been identified⁤ as Nathen Sanchez, a resident of Los‌ Angeles. He was arrested on suspicion of ‍robbery and is currently being held on a bail of $175,000.

The identity of the 12-year-old girl has not been disclosed, ‍and it remains ​uncertain whether she is still in custody.

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