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2024 Results for Section 2 Softball


Here are the ⁣most ‌recent updates from Section 2 softball ‍games:


In ⁣an impressive display of skill,‍ Genna Rickert pitched a no-hitter, striking out 10⁢ in five innings,‌ leading⁤ Duanesburg to a 23-0 victory over OESJ in the⁢ Western ⁣Athletic ‌Conference.

Allison Mienaltowski contributed to the win with a‍ three-run ‌home run for 3-0 ⁢Duanesburg.


Guilderland triumphed over Niskayuna 13-1‌ in the Suburban‌ Council, thanks to Abigail Warren’s two singles and ⁣two RBIs, and three⁣ runs scored. Hallie ⁤Czajka also played a key role,​ driving in three runs on⁤ a ⁣double and a single for Guilderland. Leah Miller and Lily Durivage also contributed with a double and two RBIs,‌ and two singles respectively.

Madalyn ​Isabelle and CJ Gibson showed strong performances ⁢for Niskayuna, going 3‍ for 3 and hitting two singles respectively.

Shenendehowa secured a non-league win over Queensbury 12-0.

Ava Barnhart, ⁤Reagan Young, Ella Kean⁣ and Hailey Farquharson all had strong performances for Shenendehowa, each contributing a double and a single.


Duanesburg managed ​to turn ⁢the⁢ tables after a 3-0 deficit ​in the ‌first ‌inning, defeating Galway 7-4 in ⁢the Western Athletic Conference.

Victoria Silva,⁢ Hailey Davis and Harlee ⁢Manus‌ all had notable ​performances for Duanesburg, with Silva going 2 for​ 4, Davis hitting a double⁢ and two RBIs, and Manus​ hitting a double. ‍Amber Kolpakas also contributed with two doubles for Galway.


Natalia Colone had an outstanding⁢ performance, ‌going⁣ 3-for-5 with a‍ home⁣ run, triple,⁤ double and six RBIs, leading Shenendehowa to a 16-4 victory over Troy​ in the Suburban Council. Ella⁤ Kean, Morgan Smith and Sarah MacFarlane also had strong performances, ⁣with Kean going 2-for-4 with three RBIs, and Smith and MacFarlane each ⁢having two hits.

Albany managed to secure a 6-0 lead with five runs in the​ bottom of the third inning, holding on for‌ a 6-4 win over Niskayuna in ‍the Suburban Council. Monet DeJesus had‌ a strong⁢ performance,⁣ going 3-for-3 with two doubles, a triple and three⁢ RBIs‍ for the Falcons. CJ ‌Gibson⁢ also contributed‌ with a triple​ and ⁤three runs in the top of the seventh for Niskayuna.

Teagan‍ Kreshik ⁣drove in all three runs for Columbia, leading the Blue Devils to a 3-1 ‍victory over ⁤Colonie and improving​ their ‌record ⁢to‌ 3-0. Jocelyn⁢ Galligan also contributed with a double ‌and two runs for Columbia.

Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake managed to shut ⁤out Averill Park 6-0.

Paige​ Rogers had a strong performance, striking out⁣ 10 and throwing a ⁣five-hitter, leading Mechanicville to a 7-3 victory over Greenwich in the ‌Wasaren League. ‍Addison Pane, Kendall Buechner and Bri Blake also contributed ​with ‍two doubles, a⁢ double ⁤and a single, and a double respectively. Mya Saunders and Alexa Jansen also had‌ notable performances, with Saunders having two RBIs ⁢and Jansen ​having two​ hits.

Erin Lee and Mihaly Blake led Tamarac ‌to⁤ a 12-0 victory over ‍Cambridge, with⁣ Lee striking out ⁤eight batters in five innings, and Blake going ⁤2-for-3 with ​two RBIs.

In the Foothills Council, ​Skylar​ Eglin⁣ hit a grand⁤ slam, contributing​ to Broadalbin-Perth’s 18-1 five-inning win over Johnstown. Eglin also doubled and‌ finished⁢ with seven RBIs. Adrianna Smith‍ added three⁢ singles and three RBIs,‌ while Shaelyn Kanches struck out six in the victory ​and also doubled.

In the⁣ Colonial Council, ⁢Schalmont narrowly defeated Holy⁤ Trinity 3-2. ⁤Natalia Devine⁣ had the go-ahead RBI in​ the top of the seventh inning.‍ Malia Rafferty also​ contributed with a triple, single, RBI and a run. Brooke Howlan‍ also had a strong performance, striking out five ​in the win.

In the⁤ Western Athletic Conference, Mayfield defeated Fonda-Fultonville 21-7. Maizy Saunders⁤ led Mayfield by going 3 ​for 5​ with two singles, a triple and three runs.‍ Alexis ⁣Broderick also had a ‍strong performance, going 2 for 2 with a⁢ double, triple, two RBIs and a run. Scout Huckans led Fonda, going a⁣ perfect 3 for 3 with a single, double and triple, knocking⁤ in two and scoring once. Sigourney Myles ‌also contributed ‍with⁢ two singles, a run and a stolen base.

In the Patroon Conference, Chatham blanked Maple Hill ⁤22-0, with Skylar Groom hitting ‍a grand slam, Anna Friedman going 3-for-3 with two RBIs, Emily​ Scheriff hitting a‌ home run and Addi Perry ‌having a double and two⁤ RBIs for Chatham.

Coxsackie-Athens narrowly defeated ⁣Taconic Hills 17-16,⁣ led by Riley⁤ Sitcer, who was 4-for-4 with two triples and four ‌RBIs.

Lansingburgh defeated Germantown in a ‍non-league game 13-1. Kyleigh Wilmott ‍had a strong performance, going⁣ 3-for-4 with a double and two RBIs for⁤ the Knights, Guiliana Patregnani had ‌a double, ⁤single⁣ and two​ RBIs⁤ and ‍threw a two-hitter, and Taylor⁣ Moran hit a⁣ double.


Columbia secured a 2-1 Suburban Council victory‌ over‌ Shaker. Mya Parkinson led the‌ way in the circle for Columbia with 15 ⁣strikeouts ⁢in ​the complete game, allowing just ​two hits and two walks. She also collected two doubles, as well ​as the game winning ⁤RBI in the‍ bottom of the⁣ fifth.

Guilderland defeated Bethlehem 6-1, with Lauren Lamme not allowing an earned run inside the​ circle for the Lady Dutch.‍ Laila Smith hit a home run for Guilderland, and Alyssa Griffin, Liza ⁣Mannarino,‍ and⁤ Abigail Warren all collected ​two hits. ‍Kaylin Heffern was 2-for-3 with a ⁢double for Bethlehem.

Cohoes defeated Albany⁢ Academy 14-1 via the⁣ mercy rule⁤ in Colonial Council action, with⁢ Riley ⁢Heighes striking out 12 over five innings for ‍the Tigers. ⁤She allowed just one hit, while going 3-for-4 with two‍ doubles ​and five RBIs at the ​plate. Sydney Hunt ‌was 3-for-3 with a triple and three runs, and Hailey Van Bramer 3-for-4 with a double and two⁢ RBIs.


At the Disabled ⁣American⁣ Veterans Tournament in Mudville, Mayfield swept a pair ⁤of games, 7-0 over ⁣Copenhagen ⁤and 6-3 ⁢over Avoca-Prattsburgh.

Alexis ⁤Broderick had a single, double and two runs against​ Copenhagen. Kaylee Klymkow singled twice⁢ and had an RBI, while ‍Arianna ​Ruberti doubled and ⁣had two RBIs. Maya Rohling had a single and RBI. Against ⁣Avoca-Prattsburgh,⁢ Klymkow struck ⁣out eight and added ⁢a single and a run to ⁣be​ named MVP. Maizy Saunders had ⁤a single and two RBIs, while‍ Aubrey Byrns had two singles and two runs.


In the Wasaren ⁣League, Saratoga Central Catholic beat Hoosic Valley‍ 12-5. Ryan McDonald led the⁣ Saints by going 3 ​for 5‍ with two doubles, ‌a triple, four RBIs and three runs. Freshman​ Grace‍ Schaefer ​went 3⁤ for ‍4 with two‌ doubles, two RBIs and three runs, ‍and also⁣ picked up‍ the pitching⁣ win with eight strikeouts in four innings.

Averill Park swept a ‍non-league doubleheader, topping Saugerties 6-1 and Pine Bush 10-8.


Ballston Spa ‍secured a ⁤10-1‍ Suburban Council win over Troy, with Hadley Donnelly allowing five hits‌ and one run over‍ the complete seven innings. She recorded six strikeouts, and⁤ two walks. Natalia ⁤Guthrie had a strong performance, ​going 2-for-4 with a double, home run and three RBIs. ⁣Livia Wiltsie was⁢ 3-for-3 with two ​doubles and two RBIs. Calleigh Sisk was 3-for-4 with two RBIs for the Scotties. ⁣Troy’s Kaylee Kussler collected two hits.

Saratoga Springs secured a 9-2 win over Niskayuna, with ‍Jackie Cutting striking⁢ out 13 in a complete game ⁤inside the circle for the Blue ⁢Streaks. Cutting also went 2-for-4 at the plate, scoring three runs. In her varsity debut, eighth-grader Emily Ruscio went 2-for-3 with a double and ⁤two RBIs.

Hannah Hipwell led ‌Shaker to a 5-4⁤ victory over Averill ​Park ⁣with a walkoff single in the bottom of the seventh. Hipwell also pitched a​ complete game for ​Shaker, allowing three earned runs, with seven strikeouts. At the plate, she ⁤was 3-for-4 ‌with two RBIs. Averill Park’s Natalia Mancino was 3-for-4 with‌ a double, triple and two RBIs.

Guilderland defeated Albany 5-1, ‌with Alyssa Griffin hitting a⁣ 3-run ‌home run. Meghan Paul, Laila Smith ⁤and Abby Warren each had⁣ two hits⁤ for Guilderland.

Columbia‌ defeated ⁢Bethlehem 6-0, with Sophia ⁣Galligan going 3-for-4⁤ with two doubles, and Peyton Stavrou going 3-for-4 ⁤with a double⁣ and RBI. Mya Parkinson also collected ⁤three hits,​ along with three RBIs. Lyla Hanlon was 1-for-3 with a ‍triple for Bethlehem.

Hoosick Falls defeated Mohonasen 3-1 in non-league‌ action. Kennedy Boisvert recorded 12 strikeouts in the complete game win, allowing just‍ one run on six hits. Izabella Stefanovich‍ went 2-for-3 with a home run for Hoosick Falls. ‌Maritza Gonzalez and Danyella Bradley each collected two‍ hits for Mohonasen.

Broadalbin-Perth cruised to a 17-7 win ⁤over ‌Coxsackie-Athens, with ​Adrianna Smith having a double and three RBIs, and Skylar Eglin having a double and⁢ two RBIs. Camille⁣ Calderone scored ‌four runs for the ⁣Patriots, and Shaelyn Kanches struck out six in the complete game. Riley Sitcer had⁢ a double and two‌ RBIs for Coxsackie-Athens.


Coxsackie-Athens secured ‌a 14-2 mercy-rule win over Watervliet in non-league‍ action. ⁤Julia Grounds and Avery Conrad combined for a five-inning ​no-hitter. Bella Bushane had a‍ strong performance, going 4-for-4 with ‍two doubles and four‌ RBIs, ‍while Riley Sitcer was 2-for-3 with a home run, and‍ Conrad was 3–for-4, including a triple.

Albany triumphed over Mohonasen⁢ 9-8 in an 11-inning battle​ that was ended by a walk-off single. In the top of the seventh ‌inning, Mohonasen ⁣scored 4 ⁤runs ⁤to take the lead, but Albany answered back with​ two runs to tie the game. ​Both ⁢teams scored‍ a run in the 10th inning, before⁤ Albany won it in the​ 11th.

Mohonasen⁣ was led by four hits from Ava Diamante⁤ and, Alyssa Albanese and Kate Laclerc, who each ⁣had three hits


Gianna Barringer ⁢contributed a homer⁢ and a double to Troy’s 7-3 non-league softball win over Cohoes. Vanessa Quinn also had a strong performance,‍ adding ​a triple and ⁢three RBIs.

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