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Employee at German museum dismissed for displaying his personal artwork in the gallery


MUNICH,⁤ Germany⁣ — A German‍ man briefly lived his dream of having⁤ his artwork ⁢displayed in a renowned museum. However, his joy was short-lived as his audacious act led to ⁤serious consequences with his‍ employer and the law enforcement ⁤authorities.

The ‌man, a 51-year-old exhibition technician and self-proclaimed “independent artist”, managed to sneak ⁣one of his paintings into⁣ the Pinakothek der ⁢Moderne in ‍Munich, Germany, on Feb. ⁤26. He hung⁤ it on a wall‌ in one of the ⁢galleries, ⁢as reported by German tabloid Süddeutsche⁣ Zeitung ⁣and​ the ‌Munich⁢ police. The museum’s security personnel discovered the​ unauthorized addition to their collection, promptly removed it, and ​the man was‌ subsequently dismissed from his job.

Due to his role⁣ at‌ the museum, the⁤ man had access ⁣to the building outside of regular opening hours. It went unnoticed when he put up his painting,‌ the dimensions of which were 23.6 inches‍ by 47.2 inches. The duration for which the painting was on display remains uncertain, but the museum’s press spokesperson suggested it was likely ⁣not there for an extended period.

“The supervisors are quick to spot⁣ such anomalies,” ​Tine Nehler told Süddeutsche Zeitung. She admitted that ​she was unaware of the subject of the painting. The Pinakothek der‌ Moderne did not provide a comment to CNN’s⁣ request.

The incident ⁢also drew the attention of the police, who informed‌ CNN that the man was being ⁣investigated for property damage. If found⁤ guilty, he could face a fine‌ or​ a prison sentence of⁤ up to two years.

“We have, ​of⁤ course, ⁣initiated criminal charges. The public ⁢prosecutor’s office​ will now decide the course ​of action,”⁣ Christian‍ Drexler, chief superintendent of the Munich ​Police, informed CNN. “However, the final decision rests with the judiciary in each‌ individual ⁣case.”

The painting “was affixed to an ⁢exhibition ​wall with ​two screws, causing damage to the wall. The Munich criminal investigation department is now⁢ investigating the property damage caused by the drill holes,” Drexler further ⁤explained.‌ “The total⁢ damage is estimated to be ⁣around $107.​ The painting has been ‍removed and confiscated.”

Shortly after ‍the discovery⁣ of the painting, the man sent an email ‌to‍ the ‌museum admitting his actions. He wrote that “as⁤ an independent artist, he had hung his own picture (on the wall),”⁤ Drexler told CNN. The museum’s security then⁣ reported him⁢ to the Munich police.

As part ‍of his termination ​agreement, the man ⁢has been prohibited from‍ entering the museum, as reported by ​Süddeutsche Zeitung.

A similar incident took place a few weeks ago at the Bundeskunsthalle in⁢ Bonn, Germany. A student managed to hang⁤ one of ⁣her paintings ⁢on an exhibition wall using double-sided tape. The staff only​ noticed the extra piece of art when they were dismantling‌ the exhibition, Süddeutsche Zeitung reported.

However, the museum responded to the incident with a sense of humor. They posted on ​X, “We find it amusing and would like to⁤ meet the artist. Please contact us! There will be no repercussions. Scout’s honor.”

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