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Interim DEC Commissioner Role Given to Resident of Colonie


ALBANY — The state Department of‌ Environmental Conservation (DEC) is set to ⁤welcome a ​new interim commissioner, Sean⁢ Mahar, a resident‍ of ⁣Colonie. Mahar ⁤will be stepping into the ⁣shoes of the outgoing ⁤Commissioner Basil⁣ Seggos starting from Monday.

A Siena graduate,‌ Mahar will hold‍ the interim⁤ position while the state embarks on a nationwide search for⁣ a permanent successor to Seggos, who has ‍been serving⁢ in the state role⁣ since 2015.

Seggos announced‍ his departure from the state office in February, stating that he would ⁢leave at the conclusion of ⁣the state budget ‌process.

“Commissioner Seggos has been at the helm of the Department⁢ of Environmental Conservation for almost a‌ decade, steering us through ‍a critical juncture in our battle against climate change,” a spokesperson for ​Gov.⁢ Kathy Hochul said in a statement. “His leadership​ has ⁣been crucial ⁢in protecting our ⁣land and water, ​fighting climate change, safeguarding New Yorkers during ⁢severe storms, and bolstering the state’s ⁢remarkable outdoor⁣ recreation programs. Governor Hochul expresses her ⁤gratitude for Commissioner Seggos’ unwavering commitment to ⁢preserving New Yorkers and our environment. A nationwide search is currently in progress to find the department’s next⁣ commissioner.”

Mahar, who has strong connections to the Schenectady area, has⁤ previously ​held the position ⁤of⁤ DEC Executive Deputy Commissioner, spearheading the agency’s environmental protection and natural resource conservation initiatives.

Prior ⁤to his role as the Executive Deputy Commissioner, Mahar served as the chief of ‌staff and assistant commissioner of public‍ affairs within the⁣ agency. Before⁢ joining⁢ the⁢ DEC,⁢ Mahar was the ‍director‍ of government relations and communications ‍for the Audubon New York ‍conservation organization.⁤ He also shared⁤ his knowledge and experience as an adjunct ⁤professor at his alma mater Siena, teaching a course on Environmental Policy and Management at the Loudonville ⁢college.

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