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Celebrating America’s Varied Natural Splendor during National Park Week


From the heart of SALT LAKE CITY, we⁢ bring you exciting news! The⁢ much-anticipated National Park⁣ Week commences​ on ‍April 20, and during this week, all national parks ‌that usually ‌require an ⁣entrance fee will be open to the public for free.

Did you know ‌that ⁢the United States is home⁤ to an impressive 429 national parks? These parks are a testament to the country’s rich ecological diversity. Utah is proud to ⁤host five of these‌ national treasures:

One of⁤ these is the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area,​ a vast‌ expanse that stretches ​over 1.25 million acres across Arizona and Utah. This park has planned a week-long ‍series of activities starting from ⁣Saturday, April 20, aimed at rekindling the love for the great outdoors among adventure enthusiasts.

The National Park Service has released the following ‍schedule of events for visitors to‍ Glen Canyon:

  • Saturday, ⁤April 20: Discovery. Join the annual community cleanup event from 8 a.m. to⁤ noon.
  • Sunday, April 21: Volunteers.‍ Lend ⁣your time and skills to the ⁢national parks. Explore various volunteering opportunities at Glen Canyon.
  • Monday, April 22: Earth Day. Participate in ‌this global ⁣event that encourages education and care for Earth’s natural ⁢resources.
  • Tuesday, April 23: Innovation. Uncover the ‌history of innovation preserved in national‍ parks.​ Learn about current innovative projects ‌happening in parks or through associated programs.
  • Wednesday, April 24: Workforce Wednesday. Meet the dedicated team of employees, interns, fellows, volunteers, contractors, ​and partners at Glen Canyon.
  • Thursday, ⁤April 25: Youth Engagement. Young⁢ people ‍are encouraged to participate. Discover opportunities for ‍youth and⁤ young adults in our⁣ parks and see what your peers are⁢ involved‍ in.
  • Friday, April ​26: Community Connections. Learn about​ the impactful efforts⁢ of programs and partners⁤ within and ⁤beyond park ​boundaries across the nation.
  • Saturday, April ‌27: Junior Ranger Day. Children and those young at ⁣heart ​can become Junior Rangers ‍through on-site or online activities ‌focused on learning about special ‌places or topics, with the opportunity to earn a Junior Ranger badge.
  • Sunday, April 28: Arts in Parks. Engage⁣ with‌ the arts, past and present,⁤ within parks. Find inspiration and​ create art in these natural and ⁤historical‍ settings.
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  1. Agree – National Park Week is the perfect time to appreciate the diverse beauty of America’s natural landscapes. Let’s celebrate and protect these amazing places for future generations to enjoy.

  2. Agree – National Park Week is a great opportunity to showcase the beauty and importance of preserving America’s natural landscapes for generations to come. #NationalParkWeek #ProtectOurParks


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