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Justice demanded by aunt of starved Schenectady child who died


On Tuesday, an ⁢aunt fondly remembered Charlotte Buskey, a lively 5-year-old⁤ who‌ had a passion for bubbles and dolls.​ Tragically, Charlotte passed away from starvation in her Elmer Avenue residence two days prior.

Charlotte’s father,⁣ Robert Buskey,⁣ was taken into custody on Monday. He faces a⁤ felony charge of second-degree manslaughter and three misdemeanor counts of child endangerment, all related ⁤to his daughter’s untimely death.

Police reports indicate⁣ that Charlotte’s death was a result of being deprived ​of food and water for a span of ‍five days. The young girl‍ tragically passed away around 3 a.m. on Sunday.

Nikki Buskey, a⁢ resident of Schenectady and Robert’s sister, expressed her belief that her brother’s neglect led to the heartbreaking ‍death of his daughter. Based on discussions with other family members, she ⁤suspects that her brother unintentionally left the girl in​ her ‌room. “He forgot‌ about her‍ and discovered her at 2 a.m. [Sunday],” she said.

Nikki fondly‍ remembered Charlotte as a bubbly child who loved capturing moments with her family ‍using vibrant Snapchat filters.

“She was fond of her ​dolls,⁣ but bubbles were⁣ her ‌absolute favorite,”​ Nikki said⁤ about her niece. “She was always excited about park visits. She would​ sit in her wagon and we would race her around. She found it incredibly amusing.”

Charlotte’s⁣ younger brother, who is just 3 years old, tested⁤ positive for cocaine and was receiving medical attention after being found at⁤ the scene. Nikki Buskey confirmed that the child was due to be discharged ‌from ⁣the hospital on Tuesday and would be ‌under the care of extended family members.

Nikki revealed that she had not been in contact with her brother ‍for several⁢ months due to a recent disagreement. She also mentioned ⁢that his alleged drug ‌use had escalated recently.

“I ‍haven’t​ seen him in a few months, but ⁢I heard ‍rumors ​that his drug use had ‍worsened and I kept warning people about it,” Nikki said. “In the past few months, Bob ⁤wouldn’t allow anyone to see the children.”

Nikki mentioned that her ‍brother had a live-in girlfriend who was living at the ‍Elmer Ave. residence at the time of Charlotte’s death.

Schenectady police did not provide an immediate response to inquiries about Buskey’s girlfriend.

“That⁤ poor​ child was starved for five days,” Nikki Buskey said. “My niece was ‍slightly autistic and had mental issues and she’s 5 years old. I know ​her. I am certain that she must have been crying and banging on the door for⁢ help and calling for her daddy.”

Buskey,⁣ a former amateur MMA fighter who went by the nickname “Jitspanda” due to his large size, has ‌shown significant weight⁣ loss ⁣in ⁣his recent mugshot compared to a fight photo⁢ taken several years ago.

The complaint filed against‌ Buskey in Schenectady City Court alleges that he failed to protect the welfare of the children in his care, with Charlotte being denied food or water from April 10 until her death in the⁤ early hours of April 14.

“There’s probable cause to support ⁤the charges that have been filed,” said Schenectady County Assistant District Attorney John Carson. “The District Attorney’s office agrees with the Schenectady Police Department that there was⁤ probable cause to support ⁤those charges.‍ However, they remain allegations at this point.”

Under state law, parents are obligated to care for a child 18 years or ​younger to ensure they are not ‌subjected to abuse or neglect.

“I want justice for my⁢ niece and my nephew,” Nikki Buskey said. “Bob deserves whatever he gets, but his girlfriend⁤ also needs to be held accountable for ‌her actions.”

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