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Hochul unveils budget framework while legislators persist in fine-tuning details


ALBANY, N.Y. ​(AP) — On Monday, New​ York’s ‍Governor Kathy Hochul unveiled the blueprint of a massive $237 billion budget. This ambitious budget includes comprehensive strategies to⁣ stimulate new housing development, manage the surge of migrants, and clamp down on unauthorized marijuana outlets.

As a Democrat, Hochul characterized the ⁢announcement as the “outline of a theoretical agreement” on the budget, which is approximately two‌ weeks overdue. This agreement was reached with the ⁤heads of the state Senate and Assembly following a series⁢ of confidential⁢ discussions.

“Without a consensus on the package​ to be presented, it’s impossible to bring it ‍to the legislature for consideration,” Hochul explained to the press at the Capitol. She added, “Reaching the‍ final resolution takes a bit of time, but I’ve clarified what I believe we’ve agreed upon.”

However, the⁣ governor’s announcement seemed to have taken lawmakers by surprise, as officials were still in the midst of conducting meetings⁤ and ironing‍ out‍ the ‌specifics of the expenditure plan.

“I believe the announcement was unexpected for all of us in the​ Senate,” stated ⁤state Sen.​ Liz Krueger, a prominent Democrat.

Before the budget can be enacted into law, it must receive approval from the ⁢Senate and Assembly, both of⁣ which are Democrat-controlled.

The housing agreement proposed by Hochul ‍includes a ‍fresh⁢ tax incentive for developers to encourage ⁣construction, along with a series‍ of tenant⁤ safeguards to make it more difficult to increase rents and evict individuals in certain situations. The specifics, however, were not elaborated upon. The plan also ‍proposes the use of ⁤commercial properties ⁢and state lands for residential housing.

The extensive housing agreement had become a ⁢contentious issue in the ‌negotiations, with senior officials striving to devise a deal that promotes the construction of new, affordable homes, safeguards tenants, and attracts developers.

The budget plan also earmarks $2.4 billion for the state to tackle⁤ the numerous migrants who have inundated New York City’s homeless shelters. This follows Hochul’s proposal to offer⁢ short-term shelter services, legal aid, and more.

Hochul ⁢also mentioned an agreement on a new approach‌ to tackle unlicensed marijuana shops, which have proliferated in the city ⁣following the state’s legalization of recreational marijuana sales. This proposal ‍aims to simplify the process for local authorities to shut down these black market outlets.

Alejandro Mendoza
Alejandro Mendoza
Alejandro Mendoza is a dedicated journalist, known for his in-depth research and commitment to truth. A graduate of Columbia University's School of Journalism, he specializes in revealing and reporting on significant local issues.
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  1. Agree – Excited to see progress being made on the budget framework, looking forward to seeing the final details ironed out.


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