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Six Individuals Accused in Montgomery County Child Abuse Operation


TOWN OF ​FLORIDA – A recent investigation into child-related crimes in Montgomery County, New York, has led to the arrest of‌ six individuals from various parts of the region, as announced ‌by the New ⁣York State Police this week.

The successful multi-day operation, which was a joint effort, took place in the town of ‌Florida, according to the police report.

The following individuals were apprehended and charged:

Scott T. Simmons, a 56-year-old resident of Johnstown, was taken into custody at ⁤his home on charges of possessing and​ promoting a sexual performance by a⁤ minor. He was arraigned and his bail was set at ⁢$1,000.

Zachary Nawotniak, a 22-year-old from Queensbury, was charged with attempted ‍second-degree rape, patronizing ​a prostitute⁤ in the second degree, and attempted second-degree criminal sex act, as per the police statement.

Samuel P. Schultz, a 56-year-old Level 3 sex offender from Amsterdam, was charged with attempted second-degree rape, second-degree patronizing⁣ a prostitute, second-degree criminal mischief, evading a‌ police officer, ⁤and second-degree reckless endangerment, according to the police.

Tasean Booth, a 32-year-old from Schenectady, was charged with⁢ second-degree patronizing a prostitute, second-degree criminal mischief, unlawfully fleeing a police officer in ⁤a motor vehicle, second-degree‍ reckless endangerment, and child endangerment. He was denied bail.

Denis Omurluki, a 35-year-old from Cohoes, ⁣was ⁤charged with attempted second-degree rape, attempted second-degree criminal sex act, and second-degree patronizing a prostitute. He was released with instructions‌ to appear in ​court at a later date.

Erick J. DeJesus-Rosa, a ⁢30-year-old from Amsterdam, ‍was charged with second-degree patronizing a prostitute and attempted second-degree criminal sex act.⁤ DeJesus-Rosa was released with a future court date.

“The success‌ of these arrests ‌underscores the significance and effectiveness ⁤of ongoing collaborations between law enforcement agencies. The New York State⁤ Police⁤ extends its gratitude to Sheriff Smith and all members of The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office for their unwavering⁢ commitment to safeguarding our communities,” the police ​statement​ read.

Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton, a skillful journalist previously based in Boston, is adept at covering a diverse array of stories. Her thorough and engaging reporting style, honed with a Master's in Journalism from Boston University, focuses on community-relevant stories.
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