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2024 Section 2 Baseball: Mechanicville Triumphs Over Mohonasen


Here are ‍the most recent results ⁢from Section 2 baseball games:


Maple Hill triumphed over Cairo-Durham⁣ in a Patroon League game ​with a score of 5-2, thanks to Kaden​ Van Kempen’s stellar performance. Van Kempen struck out 11, walked two, and pitched‍ a‌ complete-game three-hitter. Aidan Loszynski contributed to the ⁢victory by going 2 for 3 with a double, an​ RBI, and a run. ⁤Kennedy Bleau of Cairo-Durham managed to hit a double.


In a thrilling non-league game, Mechanicville ​emerged ⁢victorious over Mohonasen with a score of 17-16.‍ Scotty Lynch and John Fedorowicz were the stars of the game, with Lynch getting three ⁢hits and five RBIs, and Fedorowicz going 4 for 4 with two​ RBIs.‍ Will Coreno hit a home run‌ among his ​three ‍hits and had three‌ RBIs, ​while Cruz Goverski and Mark ‍Pingelski ​also made significant contributions with three and two hits respectively.

Johnstown suffered a ‌narrow 5-4 non-league loss to Unatego.​ Antonio DeMarco of Johnstown managed to get a hit, two walks, and two runs.

Voorheesville managed to score three runs in the bottom⁢ of the‍ sixth to defeat⁤ Maple Hill 8-5. ⁤Nicholas Romansky was ‍the star​ of the game, striking out‍ 12 and also contributing a double, an RBI, ⁤and two runs⁣ for the Blackbirds. Chase Phillips and Ben Reickert⁣ also made significant contributions to the victory.

Mekeel Christian Academy secured a 14-0 Western Athletic Conference victory over Fort Plain, thanks to Caleb ⁣Hussey’s outstanding performance.‌ Hussey struck‍ out ⁢16 and pitched a one-hitter.‌ Adrien Roman also contributed to the victory by going ⁢2 for 3 ⁣with a double ⁤and two RBIs.

Saratoga‍ Central Catholic narrowly defeated ​Schuylerville⁣ 1-0 in the championship of the Phil Waring Memorial Tournament. MVP Pierce Byrne was the ​star​ of⁢ the game, striking out 11, walking none, and limiting the Black Horses to two hits. Byrne also managed to single twice and drew a bases-loaded walk for the⁣ lone run.

In ⁣the first​ round, Saratoga Central Catholic beat Lake George 13-1. ⁢Carson Moser ⁢led the Saints ‍by⁢ going⁤ 2‍ for 3 with a double, an RBI, and a⁢ run. Ronan ​Rowe and Nick⁣ Wageman also made⁢ significant⁢ contributions to the victory.

Schuylerville managed to beat Fonda-Fultonville 8-5. Trevor French‍ and Luke Sherman were the stars ⁤of the game, with ⁣French going ​3 for 3 with two doubles and an RBI, and Sherman going​ 2 for⁢ 4 with an RBI. Kyle Kearns of Fonda-Fultonville managed to ⁢hit ⁢a⁤ home ‍run.

La Salle improved their record to 6-0 with an 8-1 win over Guilderland.‌ J.J. Hunter hit a three-run home run for the Cadets, while Patrick McDonough​ contributed two‌ doubles, three RBIs, and two runs. Sean Roddy⁤ of Guilderland⁤ managed to hit a double.


Stillwater ⁤secured a 25-9, five-inning Wasaren⁤ League win over Tamarac, thanks⁣ to Carter⁤ Wichelns’ outstanding performance. Wichelns hit a home run, two doubles, drove ⁣in ⁣seven ⁢runs, and scored⁤ four. Kaden⁣ Burdo, Alex Mell, and ⁢Avery Murray ⁢also made significant ⁢contributions to the victory.

Mechanicville defeated Hoosick Falls ⁤9-3, with Will Coreno going 4 for 4 and ⁤working six innings to secure the win. Scotty Lynch, Mark Pingelski, and Jack Brue also⁣ made significant contributions to the victory.

Saratoga Catholic topped Hoosic Valley 16-2, thanks to Pierce Byrne’s outstanding‍ performance.​ Byrne went 3 for 5 with a home run, a double, and three runs scored. Brian Selig and Ronan ⁢Rowe ‌also made significant contributions⁢ to⁢ the victory.

Middleburgh⁢ secured an 11-1 ‍Western⁣ Athletic Conference win over Fort Plain,‌ thanks to Derrick Fuller’s outstanding performance. Fuller hit a three-run triple and struck out 13 in 5 2/3 innings. Connor Mattice and⁣ Hunter Nelson also made significant ⁤contributions to the victory.

Galway ⁣secured a 22-2 win over Mekeel Christian Academy, thanks to‍ Tanner Bernard’s grand slam and Seth‍ Kenyon’s four RBIs. Colin Anderson, Andy Miller, Napoleon Read, and Daniel Hussey also ⁣made significant contributions to the victory.

Ichabod Crane secured a 9-1⁢ Colonial⁢ Council win over Lansingburgh, thanks to Ryder Herchenroder’s⁤ near-complete game and Ewan McComb’s double, two singles, and two RBIs. Herchenroder and Chase Morrison also​ made significant contributions to the ‌victory.

Saratoga Springs edged Averill Park 4-3 in the Suburban​ Council, thanks to Michael Mack’s two-run homer, Camden Rhude’s 2 ‍for ‍3 with an RBI, and Brady Mills’ two hits. Mack also worked five innings, gave‍ up‍ one unearned run, and struck​ out 13.

Troy secured a 7-2⁣ win over Guilderland, thanks to‌ Finn Harkin’s one-hit, one-run performance over four innings and Jack Fraser’s two singles, two RBIs, and two runs. Gabe Bentley of Troy and‍ Christian Walsh ‍of ⁢Guilderland also made significant contributions to the game.

Jude‌ Flint ⁣hit⁢ a two-run⁢ home run ‌to‍ secure a 2-1 Foothills‍ Council win for Amsterdam over Glens Falls. Pat Vidulich secured ⁣the win⁣ for the ⁤Rams, giving up⁤ a run and⁢ four hits over 6 2/3 innings.

Queensbury⁢ shut out South Glens Falls 2-0, thanks‌ to freshman Davian Williams’ complete-game ‍two-hitter. Jacob Wolf and Oliver Pratt also made​ significant contributions ‍to the victory. Ben⁢ Cohen⁣ of the Bulldogs pitched⁣ a one-hitter.

Maple Hill secured a ​12-0 Patroon Conference ⁤win at Watervliet, thanks to Brendan Brodzinski, Ben Reichert, and Guillermo Feliz⁢ Nickerson each having a ‌hit‍ and an RBI. Three Maple Hill pitchers joined on a one-hitter.

Taconic Hills secured an 11-1 win over⁢ Catskill, thanks to Brandon Rossano’s⁤ home run, single, two RBIs,⁤ and four hits over ⁢five innings. Francis Conners-Schmid of the Titans also ⁢hit a home ⁤run.


Averill Park secured a 12-2 non-league ⁢win over‍ Cohoes on Thursday. Declan Flanigan and Timothy Koval were the ‌stars of the ⁤game, with‍ Flanigan collecting three hits and three RBIs, and Koval hitting a home run and two RBIs.

Greenwich secured a 12-0 win ⁤over Waterford-Halfmoon in Wasaren League action, thanks⁤ to Cooper ⁣Skiff’s complete-game two-hitter with seven strikeouts. Owen Brockway and Eli Strasswimmer also made significant ‌contributions ‍to the‍ victory.


Johnstown ⁤secured ⁢a⁤ 9-2 win over​ Queensbury for its third straight Foothills Council win, thanks to Marley Bramer’s RBI ⁤single that kick-started a ‍seven-run, sixth-inning outburst. Antonio DeMarco, Jakob Hanna, Travis Tallon, and Taven Blowers also made ⁤significant contributions to the victory.

Gloversville secured a ‍5-1 win over Hudson Falls, thanks to Caelan Porter’s ‌3 for 3 with a double, an ‌RBI, and‍ a run. Aiden Banks and Darion Rodriguez also made significant contributions to‌ the victory.

Shenendehowa ‍secured a ⁣13-1 Suburban⁢ Council win over Averill ​Park, thanks to Brad Curtis’ 3 for⁣ 5 with a double, two RBIs, ‍and⁤ three runs. Curtis,⁢ Jason⁤ Clawson, and Evan Kochanskyj also made significant⁣ contributions​ to the victory.

Guilderland secured a 5-4 win over CBA,⁤ thanks to Christian Walsh’s double, single, and an ​RBI.

Albany secured a 9-7​ win over Troy, thanks to a five-run ​sixth inning.

Cohoes secured a 6-3 Colonial Council win over ⁣Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk, thanks to Lukasz⁣ Smith’s nine strikeouts over five⁤ innings and one run. Jack McFerran also ⁣made ​a significant contribution to‌ the victory.

Ichabod Crane secured an​ 8-0⁣ win over Voorheesville, thanks to ⁣Brady Holzhauer’s three hits and 11 strikeouts in ‌a complete-game effort. Chase Morrison and Ewan McComb also made significant contributions to the ⁤victory.

Albany ‌Academy secured a 14-4 win over Cobleskill-Richmondville, thanks to Manny Santos’ 3​ for 4⁢ with​ a home run, double, three runs scored, two stolen bases, and three RBIs. Willie Kimbler, ‍Evan Derrick, and‍ Ben Dalto also made significant contributions to the victory.

Schalmont secured a 13-3 win over Lansingburgh, thanks​ to⁢ Austin Teetsel and Logan ⁣Mulyca’s home runs.

Galway secured a 9-5 win over Duanesburg in the Western Athletic Conference,‍ thanks to a seven-run top of the seventh⁢ inning. Ayden Fall of Duanesburg hit‍ a home⁣ run and a single.

Fonda-Fultonville⁤ secured a 20-5‌ win ⁤over Holy Trinity, thanks to Keegan Croucher and Landon Hamlen’s double, single, and two RBIs. D’Anthony⁣ DeLoreto of Holy Trinity ​had a‍ hit and an RBI.

Middleburgh secured an 11-5 win over Mekeel Christian Academy, thanks​ to Derrick Fueller’s ​3 for 4 with a double and two RBIs.⁤ Daniel Hussey ​of Mekeel had two hits and an​ RBI.

Berne-Knox-Westerlo secured a 15-12 win​ over Mayfield, thanks to Hunter Smith’s walk-off three-run home run in the‍ seventh inning.

Greenwich secured a ‍5-2⁤ win over Waterford-Halfmoon in ​the Wasaren ⁢League, thanks to Ryan Ingber’s home⁢ run, ⁢single, two RBIs, two-hit, nine-strikeout ⁣pitching over five innings, and Keegan Clayton’s three hits and two ⁤RBIs. Jack​ Gilbert of ‍the Fordians ⁤had a ‍double, single, and two ⁢RBIs.

Mechanicville edged Hoosick Falls⁣ 4-3, with⁢ AJ Messercola getting a hit ​and two ​RBIs and for the winners, and Chris Crouser ⁣striking out eight before Will⁣ Coreno‍ picked‍ up a one-out save.

Tamarac⁣ secured a‍ 9-3 win over Stillwater, thanks to a five-run third. Shea Brown of Stillwater ⁢had two hits, and Ryan Brown⁤ and Alex Mell both had a hit⁣ and an RBI.

Saratoga ​Central ⁤Catholic secured a 13-0 win⁤ over Hoosic Valley, thanks to ‌Hunter Fales’⁣ single, triple, three RBIs, and ​two runs. ​Max Britten of the Saints (5-0, 6-0) had a⁤ single three times, drove in two, and scored ⁤once.


Ballston Spa secured a 4-3 win over‍ Averill Park in Suburban Council ⁢action, thanks to⁣ two ⁢runs in the‌ top of​ the seventh inning. Nicolas Commisso and Daniel Weed⁣ made significant ⁤contributions to the victory, while Aiden Borton and Blake Kilgallon led Averill ⁤Park.

CBA secured a 22-6 win‍ over⁢ Troy, thanks to James Dixon’s 4 ‍for ⁤6 with two doubles, two RBIs, and⁢ three ⁣runs. Christopher‍ McLaughlin, Jake Iacobaccio, and Finn Harkin also made significant ‍contributions to the⁢ victory.

Columbia⁣ secured an 11-2 ⁤win over Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake.

Albany Academy secured ⁤a 10-5 win over Ichabod Crane in the Colonial Council, thanks to Nico DeSanto’s three doubles, four RBIs, and two runs. Manny‌ Santos and Evan Derrick also ​made significant contributions to the victory, while Max Frering drove ​in two‌ runs for‌ Ichabod Crane.

Cohoes secured a 12-2 win over Mohonasen, thanks to two‌ doubles from ⁣Nick Chicaway. Nick Sparzo and Andrew ⁣Crux ‍also made significant contributions to ⁤the‌ victory.

Cobleskill-Richmondville secured an 11-6 win over Voorheesville,⁤ thanks to⁣ a⁤ seven-run sixth​ inning. Elijah Barr, Nick ‌Carrozzi, Eric Richardson, and‍ Trevor Prancl made significant contributions to ⁢the victory.

South Glens Falls secured ⁣a 4-3 win over Broadalbin-Perth in the Foothills Council, thanks to Ethan⁢ Ford’s 3 for 3‌ with a double⁤ and ‍three runs. Xavier Velez and Colin Cotter also made significant contributions to ⁤the victory.

Schuylerville secured a‍ 16-12 win​ over Amsterdam, thanks to‌ four home runs, two of which were hit by freshman Jackson Dunbar. Josh Merrill, Jude Flint, and Pat Vidulich also made significant contributions ⁣to the victory.

Hoosick Falls secured a 5-2 victory ⁤over‌ Greenwich in⁢ the Wasaren League, thanks to Luke ‌Nichols’‍ eight strikeouts and a two-run single. Connor MacNeil also⁢ made a significant contribution to the victory.

Saratoga Catholic secured a 19-1 win over Stillwater, ⁣thanks to a nine-run⁤ second inning.‍ Hunter Fales, Carson Moser,​ and Kihl ⁢Kelly made significant contributions to the ⁣victory.

Berne-Knox-Westerlo ‍secured a ⁣12-0 win over Fort Plain, ​thanks to Hunter Smith’s 15 strikeouts. Blake Shaver and Justin Stevens also ‌made significant ⁢contributions to the victory.

Berlin/New Lebanon secured a 5-4 win over Rensselaer in ⁢non-league action,⁤ thanks⁤ to Tyler Shuhart’s strikeout of the ⁢side with the bases ‍loaded ⁣in the top of the seventh to preserve the win. Jake Bosso and Jayden Dennis also made significant contributions to the⁣ victory.


Mechanicville secured a 29-3 Wasaren League win⁣ over ⁣Hoosic ⁢Valley, thanks to Will Coreno’s ‍4-for-4 with ⁢five RBIs and ‌Scotty Lynch’s 3-for-5 with ​five RBIs. ‌Joe DeVito, Jack Brue, Mark Pingelski, John Fedorowicz, and ⁢Cruz Goverski​ also made significant contributions to the victory.

Hoosick Falls secured a 6-4 win over ‌Greenwich, thanks to Eli ⁢King’s complete⁣ game. He ​allowed four runs and ⁢seven hits ‌over seven innings. Connor‍ MacNeil and Luke Nicholas also made ​significant ‌contributions to the victory.

Waterford-Halfmoon ⁣secured a 14-5 win over Tamarac, thanks to an‌ 11-run third‌ inning. Werkie​ Hayes, ⁢Tristan Philo, and Juleon⁣ Talavera made⁢ significant contributions to the victory, while ⁤Owen Blakesley‍ drove in two for Tamarac.

Guilderland secured a ⁤4-0 win over⁢ Averill Park in ‍Suburban Council action, thanks to Christian Walsh’s 6 2/3 innings, one hit, seven strikeouts, and a two-run home run. Evan​ Harbeck also made a significant contribution to the victory, while​ Averill Park’s James Consta struck out eight over‍ five innings.

In a thrilling 5-2 triumph over Colonie, Shenendehowa’s James ​Redick delivered an outstanding ⁣performance. Redick pitched a⁣ complete⁢ game, allowing only a single hit‌ and ​two unearned runs, while striking out 14 and walking ⁢two. Brad ​Curtis contributed a double and three RBIs, while Peyton Marszalek added three hits and an RBI.

Saratoga Springs​ narrowly defeated Columbia with a ‍7-5 victory. Pat McKinley collected three hits ‍for the ‌Blue Streaks, while Raul Rodriguez contributed a 1-for-4 performance​ with three RBIs. Christian Mello pitched ​3 2/3 innings, allowing one earned run⁢ on eight hits.

In Patroon Conference‍ action, Hudson ​triumphed over Rensselaer 13-1. Antonio Troy pitched a two-hit complete game, allowing just one run, with seven strikeouts⁢ and seven walks. Eli Conte had a 2-for-2 performance with two RBIs ⁣and⁢ four stolen bases.

Johnstown’s Carter‌ Cheney struck out 14 in his ​complete-game effort, ⁤leading ​Johnstown to an 8-1 ⁢victory over Hudson Falls in ⁢a Foothills Council matchup. The Sir Bills‌ collected 10 hits‌ from nine different players.⁤ Marcus Wilson and Travis Tallon each had two RBIs for Johnstown. ⁣The Tigers’ ⁤hit came from Gonzalez.

Broadalbin-Perth defeated Schuylerville 3-0, with ‌Garrett Jackowski going 2-for-4 with ⁤a double and Brad⁢ Savoie going 1-for-3 ​with two ⁢RBIs.

Duanesburg edged out Mekeel⁣ Christian Academy 9-8 ⁢on a walk-off single by Logan Kapusta ⁣in the Western Athletic Conference.​ Duanesburg was led by Dan Menzies who homered⁣ and drove in⁣ two while⁢ striking out ⁤12 batters in ​5.1 innings. Caleb Hussey went 3-for-4 with a double and RBI while striking⁣ out 11 ‌in 4.2 innings of relief for Mekeel.

Galway defeated⁤ Fort ​Plain 13-9, with Carson⁢ Eagan pitching 1 1/3 innings of scoreless relief to secure the win. Eagan also had⁢ an RBI,‌ while Evan⁣ Schaperjahn had two hits and an RBI. ⁢Fort Plain’s Bradley Rumrill ⁤and Bryce Rumrill each had two hits and two ‌RBIs.

Berne-Knox-Westerlo triumphed over​ Notre Dame-Bishop‍ Gibbons 4-1, with Blake ⁢Shaver striking out 11 ⁢on the mound. The ​Bulldogs stole 10 bases as a team⁣ and turned two double plays, and ⁣Henry Ferguson collected two hits at the plate.

Fonda-Fultonville defeated Schoharie 11-1 ‍in⁤ five innings. Jake Hernigle contributed a ⁣double and two RBIs in the win, and ⁣Keegan Croucher ‍struck out 11 on the mound.

Middleburgh topped OESJ 15-4.

Cohoes blanked Lansingburgh 10-0 in Colonial Council action, with Nick Chicaway hitting a solo ⁣home run and Connor‌ Trudeau hitting a home run and two ⁢doubles, with three RBIs.

Albany defeated⁣ Catskill 7-3 in a non-league contest, with Jackson Shahinfar pitching a complete game for the Falcons. He allowed three hits and three unearned ⁣runs, tallying seven​ strikeouts.


Paxton McBride’s two-run double with two outs in the top of the seventh⁤ inning lifted Guilderland to ⁤a 5-4 Suburban Council come-from-behind win over Shenendehowa. Shenendehowa⁣ had a 4-1 lead after ‌three innings. Guilderland scored twice ‌in ⁤the fifth ⁣to pull ​within one.‍ Christian Walsh had a double and two singles​ for Guilderland. Evan Harbeck added two singles, and Kyler Ackert hit a⁢ double.

Trevor⁣ French pitched a no-hitter to lead Schuylerville⁢ to a 6-0 Foothills Council victory over Gloversville. French struck out⁢ 10. ⁣Luke Sherman had a ​double, single and an RBI‌ for Schuylerville.

Cohoes defeated ‍Schalmont 9-7 ​in the Colonial Council. Nick Chicaway homered and drove in two runs for Cohoes, and Joe Trudeau added a double, single and two⁢ RBIs. Kyle Franke had a homer and two RBIs for Schalmont.

Landon Hamlen had a double, single and three RBIs in Fonda-Fultonville’s 19-0 Western Athletic Conference victory over Galway. Zeb⁢ Whitcavitch had a double and three RBIs, Jacob Sheldon added a triple and two RBIs and Jake Hernigle‍ had a double​ and RBI.

John Shaw struck⁤ out ⁢10 over⁤ four innings⁣ and had two hits and two RBIs to‍ lead Middleburgh to a 12-2 win over Schoharie. Ben Croote, ⁢Jameson ‌Hoop and ⁣Hunter Nelson‌ also drove in two apiece for⁣ the Knights. Lawrence Zeufler had a hit ‍for Schoharie.

Taconic Hills ⁤defeated Red Hook 11-7 in a non-league game. Zach Rowe had a triple, two singles and ‍three RBIs to lead Taconic Hills.


Sophomore pitcher Danny Brown struck out six and held Glens Falls to one ​earned run as Johnstown won 9-3 in a Foothills Council game that was tied 3-3 heading into the⁢ top of the fifth inning,‌ when ‌Johnston scored two ⁣runs. Tavien‌ Blowers hit a two-run single for the Sir⁣ Bills.

In​ the Wasaren League, Mechanicville defeated Hoosic Valley 12-4, as ⁤Scotty Lynch went 22-for-4 with three RBIs and recorded his 100th career hit for Mechanicville.

Mark Pingelski drove in ​two runs for‍ Mechanicville, Chris‌ Couser went 3-for-4‌ with ‌one RBI, John Fedorowicz went ​2-for-5 with two ⁤RBIs and Joe‍ DeVito went 3-for-5 with three RBIs.

Schoharie defeated Berne-Knox-Westerlo 8-3 in the Western Athletic‌ Conference. Hunter‌ Smith led B-K-W with ​two RBIs.


Raul Rodriguez had a home ⁣run, a ⁢single and two RBIs as Saratoga ‍Springs defeated Colonie ⁤5-2⁢ in ‌the‌ Suburban Council.⁤ The Blue Streaks broke ⁣a 2-2 tie ‌with three runs in ​the ⁢bottom of the sixth.

Duanesburg defeated Middleburgh 13-3 in the Western Athletic Conference, ⁣as⁣ Dalton Porter pitched⁢ 5 ‍2/3 innings and gave up just two hits ⁢while striking out seven. Ben Croote ‌hit a​ home run for the Eagles, and Jerson Hoop⁤ and ‍John Shaw each ‍hit ⁣a double.

Galway’s Tyler ⁣Friedman struck out ⁤10 in seven innings⁣ as the Eagles blanked⁢ OESJ 2-0. Seth​ Kenyon had an RBI and scored a⁢ run‌ for Galway.

Queensbury scored six runs in ⁢the top ⁣of the first‍ inning and went on​ to defeat‍ Amsterdam‍ 12-2‍ in the‍ Foothills Council. ⁤Pat Vidulich had a double and a single for the⁣ Rams.

Chatham scored two runs in the bottom of the seventh‍ inning to ⁣send the game​ into extra innings, and scored in‍ the bottom of the eighth to pull out a 5-4 ‌win over Taconic Hills in the ⁢Patroon​ Conference.

Tate VanAlstyne had two singles for Chatham, and Gavin Hartka had a​ double and a single for Taconic Hills.

In Wasaren League ⁣action, host ⁤Saratoga ‍Central​ Catholic (3-0 ⁢league, 4-0 overall)⁤ scored two⁢ runs in the bottom of the first inning ⁣and had it hold⁢ up in a 2-0 win over Stillwater. Sophomore Pierce Byrne ​improved to 2-0 with a complete-game, 15-strikeout performance. He walked four and allowed just one hit. Carson Moser doubled and drove in ‌a run, while Ronan ⁣Rowe had the⁢ Saints’​ other RBI.


Rhys Urbanczyk hit⁣ a ⁣three-run double in the top‌ of the fifth inning to lift Amsterdam past Hudson Falls 4-1 in the Foothills Council. ‌The Rams won despite⁤ managing just two hits.

Broadalbin-Perth scored six runs in the bottom of ​the fifth inning to break open a close game on the way to​ an 8-1 victory over Queensbury ‌in the Foothills Council. Garrett Jackowski pitched ​a three-hitter for the Patriots, and Colin Cotter had two doubles and⁣ two RBIs.

Schuylerville defeated Johnstown 10-2, ⁤as Trevor French had a double and a⁤ single and Josh Merrill had⁣ a double and three RBIs⁣ for⁣ the Black Horses. Antonio DeMarco had a ‍double and a single, and⁤ drove in​ both​ runs ⁣for the Sir Bills.

Nate Figueroa went⁢ 5-for-5‌ with a home run, two doubles, three RBIs and‍ four runs scored ​to power Colonie past⁤ Columbia 12-4 in the Suburban Council.

Albany scored three runs in the top of ‌the seventh ‍inning to pull out a 5-4 victory over Bethlehem.

Shaker scored four ⁢runs in the‍ top of⁤ the first ⁣inning and held on‌ for a 4-0 win over Guilderland,⁣ as Tommy ⁣Case struck out nine and gave up‌ two hits⁤ in five innings⁣ for the Blue Bison, and also hit​ two doubles.

Three pitchers⁢ combined on a two-hitter as‍ Averill⁣ Park blanked Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake 12-0 in ⁣the ⁣Suburban Council.

Schalmont scored three​ runs in the bottom of the sixth inning to edge Cobleskill-Richmondville ⁢6-5 in the Colonial Council.

Andrew Schraa ‍had a ⁢double and a single for⁣ the⁤ Sabres, and ⁣Logan​ Mulyca had a ⁤double and two RBIs.

CJ ⁤Palluti struck⁢ out nine batters and ave up just two hits as⁤ Duanesburg⁣ beat⁣ Mayfield 5-1 in the Western Athletic Conference. Palluti also had two singles for the ⁤Eagles, and Ayden Fall,⁣ Evan Williams and Dan Menzies each drove in a run.

GG Lefkadits and Blake⁤ Shaver ⁣each went 3-for-4 to help Berne-Knox-Westerlo defeat OESJ 7-1. Bulldogs⁤ pitcher Hunter ​Smith gave up ⁢no hits through six ‌innings and finished with 14 strikeouts.

Caleb ​and Daniel Hussey combined to go 5-for-9 with two doubles,‌ two triples and six RBIs to ⁣lead⁤ Mekeel Christian Academy to a 15-4 victory over Holy Trinity. Adrien Roman had ‌a‌ triple, ‍single and⁢ two RBIs for ‍the Lions.

D’Anthony ‍DeLoreto went 2-for-4 with an RBI for‌ the Pride.

In the Colonial Council, Albany ⁢Academy scored ⁣19 runs ⁢in the first inning and rolled to a 21-3 victory over Mohonasen. Willie Kimbler and Evan Derrick each had⁢ three hits for the Cadets.

In the ​Wasaren League, Saratoga Catholic scored eight runs⁣ in⁤ the top of the third inning and finished with 14 hits in ⁢a 13-1 victory ‌over Tamarac.

Ronan Rowe and Tyler Weygand each hit two doubles for the Saints, and Hunter Fales and Ryan Gillis‌ each‌ had⁢ a double and‌ a single and Carson ​Moser⁢ and Pierce Byrne each hit two singles.

Joe DeVito ‍and Chris Couser each went 4-for-4​ as Mechanicville rolled past Stillwater 27-8 in the Wasaren League.

Greenwich ⁤scored six runs in the bottom of the sixth inning ​to pull​ away from ‌Hoosic Valley 9-4 in the Wasaren League. Michael Cronin had two singles and‍ two RBIs‍ for the Witches, Colby McCauliffe ‌had a ‍double and two⁤ RBIs, Owen Brockway⁤ hit ⁤a double and Ryan Ingber had two⁢ singles and two RBIs.

Carson Glover hit a two-out single in the bottom ⁣of the eighth inning ‌to lift Hoosick Falls ​past ⁤Waterford-Halfmoon 3-2 in the Wasaren​ League. ⁤Hoosick Falls​ tied it at 2-2 in the bottom of the seventh on an RBI double by Ryan Sparks.

In the Patroon Conference, ⁢Hudson ​scored‌ three ‍runs in the‍ bottom of⁣ the sixth inning to take a 5-0 lead over Maple ‌Hill and went on ⁣to win 5-1. Antonio Troy had a double, ‌single and⁣ three ‍RBIs for Hudson, Ashton Hotaling​ hit a double ‌and Gannon Logue hit a triple.

Three pitchers combined on a⁤ three-hitter as ⁤Taconic Hills got​ past Coxsackie-Athens 4-2. Jacob Alvarez scored two‌ runs for Taconic Hills.


Ichabod Crane mercy-ruled Mohonasen ‍10-0 on Monday​ in Colonial Council action, as Brady ​Holzhauer tossed a six-inning,​ one-hit shutout. He walked ​two ⁢and struck out ⁣eight. Max ⁤Ferering went 3-for-4 with a double, home run, two RBIs and four runs scored.

Shaker topped ⁣Columbia 7-1 in the Suburban Council, with ⁣Ethan‌ McGarry allowing just‍ one run over six innings of work. ‌He allowed for hits and⁤ two walks, with three strikeouts for the ​Blue Bison, while Brendan McLoughlin hit two ⁣home runs and had four ​RBIs.

In Wasaren League action, Hoosick Falls defeated Waterford-Halfmoon 15-3. ‍Andrew Sparks had a single, double RBI and four​ runs scored for⁤ Hoosick Falls, while Luke Nicholas had two singles, a triple and three RBIs. Cole Ziehm added three ⁤singles​ and⁣ two RBIs. For Waterford-Halfmoon, Werkie ‌Hayes‌ had two hits.

Saratoga Central⁤ Catholic used⁤ a⁤ five-run fourth inning to top Tamarac 7-1. Hunter Fales went 2 for‌ 4​ with a triple and a run for​ the‍ Saints.​ Kihl Kelly‍ had a triple‌ and two runs, ​while ⁤Ryan Gillis‍ doubled and⁣ had two RBIs. Tamarac got a double from⁢ Tam Dylangerik.

Averill Park cruised to a 12-2 non-league win over Amsterdam, with Ethan ‌Nardacci and⁢ Blake Kilgallon each ⁤collecting two hits. Jack Charron was 1-for-4 with three RBIs.


Niskayuna topped Shaker 5-3 in⁣ a non-league matchup. Martin ‌Ryan ‍led Niskayuna⁣ with four hits​ and two RBIs. Cam Grasso and Matthew Hand each had‌ two hits. David Sardella and Beckett Haughney each had an RBI, while Alex Kerr picked ⁢up the win in ‍relief.

Saratoga ⁣Central‌ Catholic defeated Broadalbin-Perth 5-1. Ryan Gillis doubled and ⁣drove in three to lead the Saints. Hunter Fales had two singles and a run.⁣ Kihl Kelly tripled and scored a run, while⁢ winning ⁤pitcher Pierce Byrne struck out eight.


Chris Couser pitched a complete-game ‍three hitter ⁢with six strikeouts to lead Mechanicville to ⁢a 7-3 Wasaren League win over Stillwater.

Will Coreno went 3 for 5 for Mechanicville,⁤ with a double and two RBIs. Couser tacked on a two-run​ single.

Greenwich tacked on eight runs in the top of the seventh ⁤inning in its 14-1 ⁣victory over Hoosic Valley. ⁣Ryan Ingber had a double, single ‌and three RBIs, while Owen Brockway also‌ doubled and ⁢drove in two. Max Anatriello supplied a double, two single and three RBIs.

Connor King led Hoosic⁢ Valley with a single, double and RBI.

In five innings, Galway⁣ shut out Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons 16-0 in⁤ a Western Athletic Conference matchup. Tanner Bernard and‌ Carson⁢ Eagan combined ⁤for the pitching shutout. Bernard also tripled and had three RBIs. Thomas⁤ LaMoy doubled ⁣and had three RBIs. Seth Kenyon​ also had ⁤three RBIs. D’Anthony DeLoreto singled and walked to lead the Golden Knights.

Colonie edged Kingston 3-2⁤ in a ‍non-league⁣ battle. Brendan Shea went 2 ⁢for 3 with two runs, while Carter Hufland was 2 for 3 with an RBI. Nate Figueroa⁤ tripled and had ⁤an RBI.


Schoharie picked up ‍a 9-1 Western Athletic Conference victory over OESJ. The‍ Storm was led by three hits ⁢from Eddison Wayman-Bender,‍ including a double. Emmett Gagnon had a triple ​for Schoharie, ‌and Isaac Gagnon had two singles. Emmett Gagnon tossed 5 1-3 ‌innings, ⁣allowing just two hits,‌ while collecting eight strikeouts.


Guilderland used a big‍ fifth inning‍ to get⁤ past Albany, earning a 6-4⁢ Suburban Council⁢ victory. Kyler Ackert had two singles and a ‌RBI for Guilderland, ⁣and Christian Walsh ‌had a​ RBI double. Brandon Degener picked up his first ⁣varsity⁢ win, after⁤ allowing one ‌run‌ over three innings, while ⁤recording four strikeouts. Albany’s Tommy Bishop went 3-for-3 ⁤with‌ two home runs ⁤and four RBIs.

Averill Park defeated Scotia-Glenville 5-2 in non-league⁤ action on ‌Tuesday. Jeg Sansone⁣ started for Aver

With a stellar performance, allowing only⁢ one run and four hits over four innings, he managed to strike out 10, securing the win. For Queensbury,​ Josh Roberts showcased his skills by going 1-for-2 with a ‍walk, while Luke Mootz‌ contributed ⁤with an RBI ​sacrifice fly.

In the Western Athletic Conference, Schoharie triumphed over Galway with​ a ⁤score ⁢of ⁣6-1.‍ The dynamic duo of Edison‍ Waymen ⁤and Isaac Gagnon combined their efforts to⁤ no-hit Galway. Waymen struck ‌out 10 over five innings, while Gagnon recorded three ⁤strikeouts in two innings for Schoharie. Lawrence​ Zuefle had a strong performance at the plate with two hits and ⁣two ​RBIs. Despite Galway’s Tyler Friedman striking out seven ‌over ⁤four innings of work, and Tanner⁣ Bernard recording eight strikeouts in three innings, it wasn’t enough to secure a win.

Chatham dominated Duanesburg with⁢ a 13-0 non-league mercy rule win. Logan Smalley pitched four no-hit innings, with eight strikeouts, and ​Tate Van Alstyne was 2-for-3 with a home run and two‌ RBIs.

Hoosic Valley ⁢staged an impressive ​comeback with an 11-run sixth inning, eventually defeating⁣ Voorheesville 16-15‍ on a walk-off single by Dem Neary in the bottom of the seventh. Austin Brown, Craig D’Avella and Jimmy Johnson all contributed with two hits for ​the Hoosic Valley.


Mechanicville secured⁢ a 3-2 victory in extra innings in ‍a ‍non-league battle against Saratoga⁣ Springs on Monday. In the top of the eighth, Scotty Lynch drove home the‍ go-ahead run to take a 3-2 lead.

Chris Croucher ​started for‍ Mechanicville and went six innings. He allowed one run on four hits, with five strikeouts. Will ‍Coreno picked up​ the win in two innings of relief, allowing one ​run on ​two hits, with a pair of strikeouts.

At the plate, Cruz⁣ Goverski had a double and⁣ two ‍RBIs for Mechanicville, while Brady Mills and⁤ Pat McKinley each had two hits for ⁤the Blue‌ Streaks.

Schuylerville defeated Averill Park 7-2, as Brenden ‌Steinberg threw five innings and allowed just⁤ one hit and an unearned run, with⁢ three strikeouts. ‌Alex Renner ⁤and Trevor French each went 2-f0r-3 with RBIs for Schuylerville. Tim⁣ Thomas was 1-for-3 with an RBI for Averill Park.

Coxsackie-Athlens clinched a 3-2 walk-off victory over Stillwater. After Adam Slater hit a solo⁤ home run​ in the sixth inning,​ in the bottom​ of‍ the seventh he drew a ⁤bases-loaded walk to tie the game 2-2. Christian Tedford then‍ ended⁢ it for ‌Coxsackie-Athens, driving in the game-winning⁢ run.

Andrew Prim had‍ three hits and three RBIs for Albany in a 13-0 ⁣victory over​ Hoosic⁣ Valley. Nyzir Bickley collected two hits and three RBIs, while ⁤Gavin⁢ Cramer had two‌ hits ⁤and two RBIs. Ben Viggiani had two hits and ⁢scored four runs.

Maple Hill defeated​ Rensselaer 14-2, as Aidan ⁢Loszynski went 3-for-3 with two home runs and⁢ four RBIs. He also allowed two hits and one run, over three innings on the mound, with eight strikeouts.

In the Wasaren League, Waterford-Halfmoon picked ⁢up ‌a 17-0 win ‍over Berlin-New Lebanon. In⁣ the mercy-rule shortened game, Jack‌ Gilbert tossed a five-inning no-hitter, with 11 strikeouts. Connor​ Kennedy​ was 2-for-3 with five RBIs and Derrick Pontore was 2-for-2 with 3 RBIs.


Brody Burdo‌ went 5⁢ for 5 with a double and four singles and drove in three runs to power Stillwater⁢ to ​a 15-1 non-league victory over Watervliet. Jaxon Mueller⁢ and Carter Wichelns each‌ homered. Wichelns ‍was 4 for 5 with two RBIs, while Mueller had three RBIs. Avery Murray doubled, singled and had two ‌RBIs, and Shea Brown had a double and three RBIs.


Logan‌ Kelly walked with the bases loaded in the bottom of the‌ seventh inning Friday to help Waterford-Halfmoon beat Rensselaer 3-2 in a non-league‌ game. Izaigh Johnson ⁤and Ronald LaCoy each had a double for Rensselaer.

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Jack Sullivan
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