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Biden announces intention to face Trump in debate


NEW YORK — In‍ a recent‌ announcement, President​ Joe Biden confirmed his willingness to engage in a ⁢debate with his Republican adversary from the November election, former President Donald Trump.

“I am ready, although the exact timing is ​yet to be determined,”‌ the Democratic president shared during an interview with ‌renowned broadcaster Howard⁤ Stern. ⁢”I am more than willing to engage in a debate with him.”

This statement marks Biden’s‌ most explicit ‍confirmation yet ⁢regarding the possibility of a presidential ⁤debate. Previously, ‍Biden had been non-committal about⁢ debating Trump, stating that his decision​ would⁢ hinge on the former​ president’s conduct.

The⁤ University of Utah was initially scheduled ⁢to be ⁤the venue⁣ for the third and final⁤ general presidential debate on Oct. ⁤9 in Salt Lake City.

Trump, who had declined to debate his competitors prior to his victory in the ⁢Republican primary race last month, has recently been urging Biden to participate in a one-on-one debate, expressing his readiness to debate⁢ the incumbent Democrat “at⁤ any time, ‌in any location, under any‌ circumstances.”

Earlier this month,‍ Trump’s top two⁤ campaign strategists submitted a letter to an independent commission that⁤ typically authorizes such events, ​advocating for an expedited debate schedule, with more debates than the usual three and starting them earlier in the campaign cycle.

A group of twelve prominent U.S. news outlets have also encouraged the candidates to publicly pledge to debate ⁢each other.

Their joint statement proposed⁤ that the debates for the current race be sponsored, ⁤as has been the​ case in every election cycle⁤ since ‌1988, by ⁤the impartial ⁢Commission on ‌Presidential Debates.

There have​ been concerns within Biden’s team that Trump may ⁢not adhere to the⁤ rules established by the⁢ commission once ⁤on stage. Some of Biden’s advisers have⁤ expressed their preference ⁣to ​avoid⁤ giving⁤ Trump a platform⁣ by sharing the stage with the Democratic incumbent.

According to ⁢a Reuters/Ipsos poll⁣ conducted earlier ⁤this month, Biden ​currently holds a lead among registered voters,​ with 41% ​support compared to Trump’s 37%.

When questioned during a visit to Las Vegas⁣ in early February about Trump’s challenge⁣ for a debate, Biden responded, “If I were in his shoes, ‌I would also​ want to debate ⁤me. He doesn’t have much else going on.”

Biden and Trump previously⁤ went head-to-head in​ two televised presidential election ⁣debates⁣ during the 2020 campaign.

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  1. Agree – This debate would be a great opportunity for voters to hear directly from each candidate and compare their stances on important issues.

  2. This debate will shed light on the candidates’ platforms and policies, allowing voters to make informed decisions on Election Day.


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