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MAC & RONI Restaurant Set to Launch on Nott Terrace, Schenectady in May


SCHENECTADY – A culinary revolution​ is about to hit Nott Terrace in Schenectady with the grand opening of MAC & RONI next month. This innovative fast-casual restaurant is set to redefine the dining experience by offering a ​unique​ build-your-own ⁣pasta​ dish ⁤concept, akin to the Chipotle model, but ⁣with a ⁢delightful Italian twist.

“We’re⁣ not just changing ⁤the game, we’re reinventing it. Our concept of customizable pasta dishes, salads, and wraps allows ‍customers to ⁤tailor ‌each item ⁤to their unique palate, offering a​ diverse menu that caters to a‌ variety of ⁣dietary preferences. Our focus is on ‌providing express service‍ designed for those with a fast-paced lifestyle,” said owner Chris⁣ Marotta.

Marotta,‌ a seasoned restaurateur since 2005,‍ is⁢ no stranger to the food industry, ‌having‌ previously owned Marotta’s Pizza and Catering in Schenectady.

The inception‍ of MAC & RONI has been a long time in the making. Marotta⁢ had ‌the concept in⁤ mind before the pandemic ⁢and began collaborating with Chris and​ Dave Malizia⁤ of Malizia⁣ Development, the property owners. The Malizias demolished the previous building ⁤at 183 Nott​ Terrace, which had been vacant for years and was once home to a Pizza Hut and Castelo’s.

The newly constructed 3,000-square-foot building ⁤is a⁢ sight to⁣ behold, featuring wooden beams and a stunning wall‌ of windows. It also boasts a cozy patio area at the front.

While the pandemic caused a delay in the project due to skyrocketing construction costs, it also inadvertently boosted the popularity of fast-casual dining, ‌according to ⁣Marotta.

“My culinary journey has always⁣ been rooted in ‍Italian⁤ cuisine, but ‍the pandemic⁤ has ‌significantly altered the landscape of traditional sit-down, full-service restaurants. I believe ⁤this modern, fast-casual kitchen-style service is here to stay for the foreseeable future,” Marotta said.

The build-your-own style menu extends beyond just‌ pasta, offering a variety of grains.

“We’re not ⁢just ⁢about pasta. We⁣ offer a ⁤plethora of ⁣healthy options and a wide selection of proteins, including grilled⁤ chicken, chicken cutlet, steak, salmon, shrimp, ⁤meatball sausage, all prepared in ⁤a homemade style. We offer a myriad of unique choices,” Marotta added.

Once fully operational, the restaurant will employ around‌ 15⁤ to 20 staff members. Marotta ‍is⁣ aiming ⁤to open the‌ doors of MAC ‌&⁢ RONI in ⁣the second or third week of May.

“We’re ⁤beyond ⁢excited. It’s⁢ been a long journey, but a lot of careful thought and planning has gone‌ into ensuring ⁤the smooth operation ​and functionality of the restaurant,” Marotta‌ said.

MAC & RONI will be open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday,‍ and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday. For updates and more information, follow MAC & RONI on Facebook.

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