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Garnet Chargers Triumph Over Rochester in Liberty League Tournament with Six-Goal Streak from Union College Women’s Lacrosse Team


SCHENECTADY — ‍The Liberty League Women’s Lacrosse ​Tournament first-round⁣ game between Union and ⁣Rochester was‍ a ​nail-biter. The first half⁤ saw neither team able to ⁣secure more than a ⁣two-goal ⁤lead,‌ with the advantage often swinging‌ back and forth.

However, the game‌ took a surprising⁣ turn when Rochester, the sixth-seeded team, managed to pull ahead by three goals within the first 2:49 of ⁣the third quarter. This​ unexpected development raised questions about the prospects⁤ of Union, the third-seeded team.

But the Garnet Chargers of Union didn’t let this setback deter them. They​ rallied, relying on⁣ the players who had brought them this far, and staged a remarkable comeback to clinch an 18-15 victory at Frank Bailey Field.

Union’s victory ⁢was largely due​ to the stellar performances ⁣of junior⁣ midfielder Greta Maurer and their freshmen⁣ players. Maurer had a career-high‌ seven points, with four goals and three assists, four draw ‍controls, and three‌ ground balls. Freshmen Gillian Joseph and Maddy Schiller also made significant contributions, each scoring six points. Their efforts helped Union (11-5) ‍secure a place in⁤ the semifinals, where they will face ​second-seeded William Smith on Friday.

Rochester (9-9) had managed to ​break an 8-all halftime tie with three quick goals​ in the ⁢third‍ quarter. They ‍maintained⁣ their lead until 6:15 left in the third quarter‌ when the score was 13-10. That’s when Union rallied, scoring the last two goals of the quarter, courtesy of Audrey Larson and Joseph.

“Rochester’s three-goal ⁢spurt definitely put us on the back foot,” Maurer ⁤admitted. “But that’s when we come together as a⁣ defensive⁣ unit and identify areas to‌ improve. The offense also has a role to play in getting the ball back.”

Union coach Alyssa ‌Treanor ⁢added, “We’ve practiced these situations. We’ve‍ also been in them. When we played RPI, we​ were down by ⁣three⁤ or four ⁣with five minutes left. The girls have been in this situation‍ before, so I think‌ they feel really confident. They’re⁤ fighters.”

Maurer scored a gritty goal to tie the game at 13.⁣ She dodged one defender and ran through two others before scoring with 13:28 left. She then⁤ scored⁤ again to give ⁣Union a 14-13 lead with 10:37 left and added an extra-player‌ goal at 8:29 to make ​it 15-13. Schiller closed the six-goal run with a strike at ‌6:35.

Rochester managed to close the gap to 16-15, but⁣ Maurer won the ensuing draw control, leading to a Joseph-to-Schiller goal with 2:02 left. Maurer won ⁣the next draw control as well.

Union ‌had defeated Rochester 13-8 on Saturday, but both teams, who had to⁣ wait more than‍ two⁢ hours after their‌ designated start time due to thunderstorms delaying ⁤the men’s game before them, took out ⁤their frustration with ​the weather on the goals.

“I knew we were going to ⁤find a way to come back, and we did,” Joseph said. She attributed her productive season to the team’s support. “They never ‍look at me as a freshman, they look at me as their ⁤teammate and the ⁢family. It feels so good to be supported like that,” Joseph said.

“This​ is ⁢the most exciting part of ⁣the season,” Maurer said of the league ⁣tournament. “This is ⁤what⁤ we work for and where⁣ we prove​ we can win.”

“I’m glad we’re scoring, so⁢ I’m happy with that, but I think Rochester … made some adjustments offensively [from Saturday],” Union coach ‌Alyssa Treanor said. “They ​have some really great young players on their team. Our midfield really responded on the draw circle,⁤ which really changed the whole tone of that game.”

Rochester 4⁣ 4 ‌5 2 — 15

Union 4 4 4 6 — 18

Rochester scoring: Gorny 4-2, Giannettino 4-0, Schillinger 2-1, Rogers 2-1, Boehl 1-1, King 1-0, Crochiere ⁢1-0. Union scoring: Maurer 4-3, Joseph‍ 4-2, Schiller 3-3, ‌Nelson 2-0, Larson 2-0, Mickelson 2-0, Smith 1-1. Goalies: Rochester, Saffren, 8 saves. Union, Widlitz, 2 saves.

Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan, an informed and passionate sports reporter, is a former college athlete with a degree in Sports Communication from Ithaca College. Go Bombers!
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