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Authorities Searching for Vehicle Owners in Connection to 2021 Schenectady Murder Case


SCHENECTADY – The local law enforcement agency is appealing to the public for assistance in identifying the proprietors of two vehicles that are linked to the 2021 probe into the fatal shooting of E-Shawn Berkley.

The police are working tirelessly to ascertain the identity of the owner or individuals who operated the two vehicles during the months of August and September 2021.

According to a police statement, “Detectives have received information suggesting that these vehicles were frequently seen in the vicinity of Hamburg Street in Rotterdam and Stanley Street in Schenectady during the aforementioned period.”

E-Shawn Berkley, a 23-year-old Albany resident, tragically lost his life in a shooting incident that also left two others injured. The incident occurred outside the Tropics Bar and Restaurant on Brandywine Avenue in the early hours of September 5, 2021.

Berkley’s lifeless body was discovered in the parking lot of Tropics, with a bullet wound to his chest.

In addition to Berkley, a 27-year-old woman was found in the same parking lot with a gunshot wound to her leg, and a 22-year-old man later presented himself at Ellis with a gunshot wound to his abdomen.

The investigation into the circumstances surrounding Berkley’s untimely death is still underway.

Anyone who may have information that could aid the investigation is urged to reach out to the Schenectady Police Department’s tip line at 518-788-6566.

Kiara Thomas
Kiara Thomas
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  1. Agree – It’s important for authorities to track down the owners of these vehicles. Their information could be crucial in solving the murder case.


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