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Supporters raise their voices amid ongoing decrease in wild horse numbers in the West


ST. GEORGE — Recent reports from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have revealed a concerning trend: for‌ the ‍third year in a row,‌ the number⁢ of⁢ wild horses and burros ⁤roaming the diverse landscapes of the American West – from the semi-arid plains and deserts​ to⁤ the prairies, grasslands, and badlands – is on the decline.

According to the latest ‌data from the BLM, as of March 1, the estimated population of these federally protected animals on BLM-managed lands stands at 73,520. This figure marks a significant drop ​of 9,363 animals when compared‍ to the 2023 estimate.

However, due to the inherent uncertainties associated with aerial ‌and statistical ⁢analyses ​- which are⁢ commonly used to estimate wild horse populations ⁣- the actual number of these ⁢animals on ⁢federal land could⁣ range anywhere between 63,432 and 85,249.

The exact reasons behind this decline remain somewhat elusive. ​However, Scott Fluer,⁤ BLM’s deputy⁣ division chief for on-range operations for the National‌ Wild Horse and ‌Burro Program, suggests that it’s likely a result of a combination of factors.

For a⁤ more detailed​ account of this story, visit St. George News.

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