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Authorities: Schenectady Resident Linked to Potentially Fatal Stabbing


A man from Schenectady, aged 23, is⁢ facing accusations of stabbing another man in the Hamilton Hill area⁣ of the city last week.

Police in Schenectady were able ‍to⁣ locate Belford Atchison on Friday night, approximately two hours ​after responding to‍ a violent ⁤incident on Albany Street.

Atchison ⁤is now facing a trio of serious felony charges,​ including ‌reckless endangerment, possession of a criminal weapon, and assault.

Following his arrest, Atchison was held for arraignment ⁤at the Schenectady County jail.

The victim, a 43-year-old man​ who has not been identified, was discovered with multiple severe wounds, bleeding profusely. According to a press release, his injuries⁢ were initially ⁤deemed “life-threatening”. He was rushed to Albany Medical Center, where his⁣ condition‍ has since improved and stabilized.

What remains uncertain is the alleged motive behind Atchison’s‌ actions, as‌ well as any potential relationship or connection ‌he may have⁢ had with the victim.

Requests for comment from the Schenectady police department were⁣ not immediately answered.

The Schenectady Police Department is urging anyone with information related⁣ to this incident to reach out to their tip line ⁣at 518-788-6566.

Kiara Thomas
Kiara Thomas
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