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Barron Trump Turns Down Role as RNC Delegate


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — In a surprising⁣ turn of events, Barron Trump, the youngest son of former President Donald Trump, has chosen not to accept the role of a delegate at the upcoming Republican National Convention. This information was‍ confirmed by a ⁢high-ranking Trump campaign ⁣adviser and a formal announcement from‍ the office ⁤of Melania Trump, the former first lady.

“Barron is deeply honored to‌ have been considered for the role of a delegate​ by the Florida Republican Party. However, due to pre-existing commitments, he has regretfully decided to decline the‌ offer,” the ‍statement from Melania Trump’s office read.

Having⁤ celebrated his 18th⁢ birthday⁤ in March, Barron Trump was handpicked by the Florida GOP to serve as an at-large delegate at the convention scheduled for July. Other ⁤members of the Trump family, including Donald Trump Jr., Eric⁣ Trump, and​ Tiffany Trump, were also chosen as delegates.

The news of ⁤Barron Trump’s decision to decline the delegate role was first reported by The Daily Mail.

The ​Republican National Committee‌ is ‍set to hold its convention‌ in Milwaukee ⁣in July. Donald Trump has hinted that he will​ likely reveal his ⁤running⁤ mate around the time of ⁣the RNC convention ‍and has ‌been discussing potential candidates both publicly and ​privately.

Earlier on Friday, the former⁤ president spoke about his relationship with his youngest son but did⁣ not comment on his decision to decline the delegate ⁢role.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee took the opportunity to⁣ commend Barron Trump during a radio interview on Friday, revealing that his 18-year-old son occasionally provides him with political advice.

“Barron​ is a ⁢wonderful young man. He’s quite tall, I ⁢must say. But he’s a handsome fellow, and he’s been an excellent student. He does have an interest in politics. ⁤It’s quite amusing, he’ll sometimes tell me, ‘Dad, this ⁢is what you need to do,'” Donald Trump shared during the radio ⁣interview with⁢ Kayal and Company.

He added, “So, in conclusion, he’s a ‍good lad. He’s currently a senior in ⁤high school and will soon be heading ⁣to⁢ college. And you know, the choice of colleges is changing due to the current state of the country. It’s clear that Biden ‌has⁣ completely​ lost control.”

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