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Max the Cat Receives Honorary ‘Doctor of Litter-ature’ Degree from a College in a Unique Blend of Education


CASTLETON, Vt.⁤ — In‍ a ⁣heartwarming gesture,​ a Vermont-based university has conferred the honorary title of “doctor of ‍litter-ature” upon Max, a cherished⁣ feline member of its community, ⁤just in time for the students’⁣ graduation ceremony on ​Saturday.

The Castleton campus of Vermont⁤ State University is‌ celebrating the cat, not for his prowess in⁤ catching mice or his love for napping, but ​for​ his amiable⁤ nature.

“Max the Cat has been a loving and ⁤integral part of the Castleton family for several years,” the institution expressed in a Facebook post.

The‍ well-liked tabby resides‍ in a home with⁤ his human ⁢family, ⁢located on⁣ the street that leads ‍directly to the ‍main entrance ‍of the campus.

“Max chose to venture​ onto the campus and began‌ spending ‍time with the college ⁣students, who absolutely ⁢adore him,”⁣ shared his owner,‍ Ashley Dow, on Thursday.

For⁣ approximately four years, Max has been a social butterfly on campus, always ready to interact with ​students. The sight of⁢ him brings joy to the students, ⁤who ‍often pick him up for​ selfies. He even​ enjoys accompanying ‌prospective students on campus tours, which usually start from a building opposite his family’s house, Dow added.

“It’s a mystery how ‌he knows​ when to go, but he just does,” Dow said. “He then follows them‍ throughout their tour.”

The students fondly ​refer ‌to Dow as Max’s mom, and alumni who visit ⁢the town often inquire about Max’s well-being.

However, Max won’t be attending the graduation ⁢ceremony. His ⁤honorary degree will be handed over to Dow at a later date.

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