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Forum on Schenectady DRI projects to be held at Metroplex


SCHENECTADY — The Karen B. Johnson Central Library will‍ be the venue for a public discussion on‌ Tuesday, focusing on the proposed⁢ enhancements to the Jay Street⁤ pedestrian⁣ walkway and the extension of the Alco Heritage Trail.

These⁣ two projects ‌are integral components of Schenectady’s Downtown ⁢Revitalization Initiative, a project that received a $10 million state grant in 2019​ for the refurbishment of key areas ⁣in the downtown region. The Schenectady County Metroplex Development Authority ​is the supervising body for both projects.

In the first ‍month of this year, the Metroplex board granted a ⁢contract worth $154,766 to Delta Engineers,​ Architects, & Land Surveyors. ⁤Their role is to supervise the design and ‌contract bidding for the⁢ extension of the Alco ⁢Heritage Trail, which currently stretches from Mohawk Harbor to River Street in the Stockade neighborhood.

The⁤ plan is to extend the trail up to the Front Street Park and set ⁢up an informational kiosk and a small plaza at Mohawk Harbor. This will serve as a gateway providing ⁣navigational assistance and other tourist-related⁤ information⁤ for those using the Empire State Trail, a vast trail system that connects Albany to Buffalo and stretches from New York City to the Canadian border.

The ⁣project also includes ​the reopening and upgrading ‌of the Alco tunnel ⁣that runs ⁢under ⁤a set of train tracks parallel ⁣with Erie Boulevard.⁤ The tunnel will be equipped ‌with new lighting and ‍will enhance connectivity between Erie Boulevard and Jay Street, providing a link‌ for pedestrians and cyclists to ⁤the Mohawk-Hudson Bike Trail.

For the Jay Street Pedestrian Walkway,‍ the plan includes ‍the⁢ installation⁢ of new lighting and ⁤signage at​ the entrances to the corridor. Additional features such as trash receptacles, plantings, and seating will ⁤be ⁢installed along the path⁣ that connects ‍Jay Street to ‍State Street and is ⁢a popular spot for cafes, retail shops, and offices.

The public forum will be held from⁤ 4:30 to ⁤6:30 p.m. ‌in⁢ the McChesney⁤ Room at the ⁣99 Clinton St. library. Preliminary concepts for each project can‌ be viewed on the ⁢Metroplex ‌website, schenectadymetroplex.org.

Public feedback ‌on​ both proposals is encouraged and can be submitted via email at info@schenectadymetroplex.org,⁤ or ‌by calling⁢ 518-377-1109 ext. ⁤3.

Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton, a skillful journalist previously based in Boston, is adept at covering a diverse array of stories. Her thorough and engaging reporting style, honed with a Master's in Journalism from Boston University, focuses on community-relevant stories.
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  1. I agree with holding a forum to discuss the DRI projects, transparency is key in these types of developments.


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