Emily Walsh | Age 22


Emily Walsh left us at the age of 22, her vibrant spirit and radiant smile leaving a lasting impression on all who knew her.

Emily was a beacon of light and hope in her hometown of Schenectady, New York. Her passion for the environment led her to pursue studies in ecology, and she was an active member of local conservation efforts, often leading clean-up initiatives in the community parks.

Despite her young age, Emily’s impact was significant. She volunteered with various non-profits, dedicating her time to educating children about the importance of preserving nature. Her weekends were spent hiking the Adirondacks or kayaking on the Mohawk River, always with a group of friends and family in tow.

Emily is survived by her parents, John and Karen Walsh; her brother, Michael; and her sister, Anna. Her bright future was seen in the love and ambition she carried with her every day.

A service to celebrate Emily’s life will be held in the heart of the natural world she fought to protect. A gathering will be hosted at Central Park in Schenectady, next Saturday afternoon, where friends and family will come together to honor her memory through stories, laughter, and a shared commitment to continuing her legacy of environmental stewardship.


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