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Clarkson University’s Graduate Programs to be Taken Over by Siena College


SCHENECTADY ‌— In a significant development, Clarkson University has announced its decision to shift​ over a ​dozen ‍of its graduate degree programs, currently hosted at its satellite campus in downtown Schenectady, to Siena College ⁤later this year. This‌ move was made public by ⁣the private colleges earlier this⁣ week.

As per the agreement, 100 students and eight full-time faculty members⁢ from Clarkson⁢ will transition to Siena by June. The‍ agreement ⁢encompasses a total of ⁤16 graduate-level degree ⁤and certificate programs,⁣ including the prestigious master ⁤of arts ⁤in teaching‌ degree from ‍Clarkson.

The programs that will⁣ be relocated to⁣ Siena⁤ are categorized‍ into four groups, including master ‌of arts in teaching, extension programs, and certificates of ⁤advanced study.

Clarkson ⁤University’s President, Marc ⁢Christensen, stated that‌ this strategic move is a result of ⁣recent planning undertaken by⁤ the Potsdam-based institution.

“Our strategic focus led‍ us to find a new home for‌ these programs at an institution that⁣ could tap into a⁣ ready pool of undergraduate students ⁤interested in K-12 education careers. This move will⁣ also ⁤create opportunities to expand offerings that ⁤will​ cater ⁣to the high demand for teachers in New York⁣ state and ​across the nation,” Christensen ⁤said⁣ in a statement.

The master ​of teaching⁢ program, originally developed by Union College ​in 1989, has been​ a significant source for teachers seeking graduate-level degrees. Over 800 individuals have earned a degree through‍ this program, with 500 ‌currently employed in the Capital Region, as per a news release.

Clarkson ​University acquired this ‌program in 2016, and it currently‍ boasts a 100% job placement ⁢rate.

Siena College,⁤ based in ​Loudonville, ⁢already has an accredited undergraduate⁤ teacher preparation​ program and a minor in educational⁤ studies. The acquisition of the master of arts in teaching graduate program will enable⁢ Siena students to join the⁤ program.

In addition to this, Siena⁢ will ⁤introduce a master of arts in teaching English to ⁢speakers of other‌ languages, and‍ a⁢ master of arts in curriculum and instruction. These classes ‌will be ⁣offered in-person, hybrid, and ⁣online, depending on the program.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for Siena⁤ to address the urgent need for teacher education in the Capital Region by⁢ integrating a ⁣nationally-recognized, fully-accredited suite⁤ of programs into‍ its current teacher ​education offerings,”⁣ Siena ‌President Chuck ‌Seifert ​said in a statement.

The announcement of this transfer agreement comes just‍ months before The College of ‌Saint Rose in Albany is set to permanently close ⁣its doors following the end of the spring semester. The small private college was renowned ⁣for its teacher degree programs.

The abrupt‌ closure of the college has raised⁣ concerns about the teacher pipeline across the state,‍ especially at a time when ⁢schools statewide have been grappling with ‍the challenge of recruiting and retaining faculty.

In response to the college’s closure, ‌the University ​at Albany has announced three​ new undergraduate education degree programs​ for⁤ the fall 2024 semester.

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  1. I disagree with this decision. Clarkson University’s graduate programs have a reputation for excellence and it’s concerning that they will be taken over by another institution.


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