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Utah family secures legal help to bring their adopted Haitian children home


OREM — The Stewart family had a significant event ⁤to commemorate this past Saturday.

Of course, any child’s birthday celebration is always a momentous occasion.

“We’ve got these brand new trucks waiting for him to play with once he’s finally home,” shared Zachary ⁢Stewart. “We ⁢also managed to secure another birthday present.”

“These are the‌ gifts‍ we’ve purchased for him,”⁤ Cherry Stewart said, ​her face lighting up with a smile.

If only the birthday boy could witness all this.

Anticipating the sounds of joy and the⁢ sight of clutter

“Most of my tears are shed in‍ this room,” confessed Cherry Stewart. “I’m eagerly awaiting the day ⁢it’s filled with laughter and the usual mess kids make.”

Over a ⁤year ago, the​ Stewarts adopted⁣ two boys from Haiti.

To safeguard their identities, KSL-TV‍ has chosen to conceal​ their⁣ faces in photographs and withhold their names.

The boys were on the verge of⁢ leaving Haiti for ​their new home in Orem, with the paperwork ​nearly complete. However, the process was abruptly halted due to the outbreak of⁢ violence and chaos in Haiti ​in March, with gangs seizing control of the streets.

“Fortunately, they’re in a⁢ relatively safe location at the moment, but ‍the situation is always precarious. We know of a family who had to evacuate their children to a‍ safe house⁤ due to the violence,” revealed Zachary Stewart, Cherry’s⁣ husband.

KSL-TV previously covered the Stewarts’ ‍story in March​ when⁤ this saga unfolded.

Since then, the government has been in contact with‌ the Stewarts and other families across the nation, including some from Utah, who are grappling with similar issues.

“The State Department ​assured ⁣us that they would⁢ assist the children‌ in order of their ‌readiness to⁣ come home,” ⁣Cherry Stewart recalled. “They even requested evacuation details for these children. It seemed very promising, but ⁣it all fell through.”

Accelerating the process⁣ of bringing the children home

The Stewarts, along with over 20 other families, have since ‌enlisted the services of the Fox Rothschild law firm, which specializes in complex ‍international adoptions.

The family ⁤is hopeful that this will expedite ⁤their children’s ‌return.

“They assisted some U.S. families with adoptions in Ukraine during the Russian invasion,”‍ Cherry Stewart‌ noted.

“We’re not⁣ asking ⁢for miracles. We’re simply trying to bring 70 children home,” Zachary Stewart emphasized.

They’re hoping for intervention from Congress.

“We’re advocating ⁤for every child to be brought home,” Cherry Stewart declared. “We desperately need a champion. We’re hoping that our Utah​ senators and congressmen will​ step up. ‍We’ve received very positive‍ responses, but we’re still waiting for someone to take decisive action.”

The family ⁤also encourages anyone who wishes to help to reach out to their federal representative via phone or email to express their concern‌ for these children.

For the Stewarts, they’re praying for a swift resolution, as there’s nothing quite like a birthday party where a child​ can enjoy their new toys‌ in person.

“We communicate with them constantly,” Zachary​ Stewart shared. “It’s exciting because they’ll recognize it. We talk to them over the phone in their room, so hopefully when they arrive, they’ll​ feel like they’re truly coming home to their‍ mom and dad and this is their room.”

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  1. Disagree – It’s important for families to follow legal processes when adopting children from other countries to ensure their safety and well-being.

  2. Agree – Legal assistance is crucial in ensuring a smooth and safe adoption process for the children from Haiti.


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