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Harvey Weinstein to face judge before retrial commences


NEW YORK — The infamous Harvey Weinstein‍ is set to make an ‍appearance in front of a judge this Wednesday ​afternoon.

Following the overturning of his 2020 rape conviction, Weinstein is now awaiting a retrial. ⁣The court hearing on Wednesday will tackle various legal matters pertaining to the ‌forthcoming trial, which is⁣ provisionally set to take place after Labor Day.

In⁢ the previous trial, Weinstein was found guilty of third-degree rape involving ‍Jessica Mann, an aspiring actor, and of sexually assaulting Miriam Haley, a former TV and film production assistant.

However, New‍ York’s highest court dismissed these convictions last month. The court ruled that the trial judge had unjustly ⁤permitted testimony against Weinstein based on accusations from other women that were not part of the ‍case. Weinstein, now 72,​ has ‍consistently claimed that any sexual activity was consensual.

The overturning of the New York verdict has reignited a distressing chapter in America’s ongoing struggle with sexual misconduct⁤ by influential individuals. The #MeToo movement was sparked in 2017 by a wave of allegations against Weinstein.

Just last week, ⁤prosecutors requested Judge Curtis Farber to caution Weinstein’s ⁢legal team against publicly discussing ‍or disparaging potential witnesses ahead of the retrial.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office has ⁣accused Weinstein’s lead attorney, Arthur Aidala, of attempting to intimidate Haley earlier this month.

On May 1, outside ⁢the court, Aidala claimed that Haley had misled the jury about her reasons for coming forward and that⁢ his ⁢team was preparing a vigorous⁤ cross-examination “if she dares to come and show her face here.”

Aidala has not responded to an email seeking comment about Bragg’s request⁢ as of Tuesday.

Haley has expressed her reluctance to relive the trauma of testifying again, but ‍she stated, “but for the sake of keeping ​going ⁤and doing‍ the ‍right thing ⁣and because it⁢ is what happened, I would consider it.”

Gloria Allred,⁢ Haley’s attorney, has chosen not to comment until after she attends the proceedings on Wednesday.

As ⁣a general rule, The Associated Press does not reveal the identities of individuals alleging sexual assault unless they ‍give their consent, as both ​Haley and Mann have done.

Weinstein, who was serving a 23-year sentence in New York, was also found guilty in Los​ Angeles in 2022 of another rape and is​ still serving a 16-year sentence in California.

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  1. I agree with the decision for Harvey Weinstein to face the judge before the retrial begins. Justice must be served.


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