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Top 5 Barbecue Spots in New York’s Capital Region


As the sun casts its warm glow and the birds serenade us with their songs, the aroma of sizzling barbecues wafts through the air ‌in ‍New ‍York’s Capital Region. With a plethora of barbecue⁢ joints scattered across the region, everyone seems to have their⁤ own‍ preferred spot for indulging ⁣in succulent ⁢ribs, mouth-watering pulled pork, and other BBQ classics.

To help⁣ you ⁣navigate the BBQ scene and make your dining choices⁤ a tad easier, we’ve curated ⁣a list of the top five barbecue destinations‌ in our corner of⁣ upstate ⁣NY.

1. PJ’s‌ BAR-B-QSA in⁢ Saratoga ⁤Springs

Regularly gracing the ⁤winner’s podium‌ at regional barbecue‍ competitions, ⁤PJ’s BAR-B-QSA boasts an‌ extensive menu that covers the full spectrum⁤ of American BBQ styles. From New York State Fair‍ chicken and North Carolina pulled ‍pork to Kansas City⁣ ribs ⁣and Texas beef brisket, they’ve got it all. ⁣They even cater to​ diverse dietary ​needs with Pacific Northwest smoked salmon and a selection of gluten-free ⁣and vegan⁣ options. If you’re planning to order ahead, ⁢PJ’s advises allowing plenty of time ⁢due to their popularity.

Address: ‌1 ‌Kaydeross Ave W,⁣ Saratoga Springs

Website: pjsbarbqsa.com

2. Rollin’ Smoke BBQ⁤ in ⁤Clifton Park

Rollin’ Smoke BBQ, a family-owned restaurant ⁣in Halfmoon, has ⁣evolved⁣ from a humble food truck into a⁢ sought-after BBQ hotspot. Their menu, which includes favorites⁣ like brisket, chicken wings, and ribs, has earned rave⁢ reviews from Gazette staff and locals alike. Rollin’ Smoke takes pride in sourcing ingredients locally and offering ⁤local beers, adding another​ layer of appeal⁤ to their ⁢tantalizing offerings.

“Their smoked brisket. That’s all I need,” Gazette’s‌ Caroline Lee wrote in ⁢her 2022 recap of ​the year’s best local food. “Go and have brisket, ‌or whatever they’re pushing. ⁤It’s all great stuff.”

Address: ⁢1613 US-9, Clifton⁤ Park, NY

Website: Rollin’ Smoke on Facebook

3.‌ Kaleidoscope Cafe in Saratoga Springs

At⁣ first glance, barbecue and ice cream might seem like an unlikely duo, but⁢ Bruce Wadsworth, the ⁣owner of Kaleidoscope‌ Cafe, has successfully married‌ these two delights. Despite being‌ a⁤ relatively new player in the⁢ BBQ⁣ scene,⁤ Wadsworth’s unique blend ‌of sweet and savory has quickly become a local favorite. He emphasizes the quality of‍ the⁣ meat and encourages customers to taste it before ⁤adding any of the ‍four available sauces.

“The sauce with my barbecue should be the enhancement at the end,” Wadsworth told ⁢The Daily Gazette.

Address: 588 ⁣Lake ⁣Ave, Saratoga Springs,⁢ NY

Website: kaleidoscopecafe.com

4. Memphis King in Schenectady

Memphis‍ King, a southern-style smokehouse nestled in the heart of Schenectady, is renowned for its ribs and brisket.⁣ However, their menu extends beyond ⁣these classics, featuring innovative combinations‌ of fries, meats, and other elements, all ‌seasoned with Memphis-style spices.

“There are a lot of‍ BBQ options,⁣ we like to stay traditional,” owner Brandon Canton told the Gazette. ⁣”We are a traditional smokehouse, it’s really all about the meat.”

Address: 1902 Van Vranken Ave., Schenectady, NY

Website: thememphisking.com

5. Miller’s Backyard BBQ in Cohoes

Previously known as​ The Pig Pit,‍ Miller’s Backyard ‍BBQ has retained the flavors that have ‍made it a beloved BBQ destination for Albany residents. Specializing in dry-rub chicken and ⁢other BBQ staples, Miller’s often sells out of ​certain items, so it’s advisable ⁤to order in advance to​ ensure you get to savor their delectable offerings.

Address: ⁣ 1 Niver St,⁢ Cohoes, NY

Website: millersbackyardbbqllc.com

Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton, a skillful journalist previously based in Boston, is adept at covering a diverse array of stories. Her thorough and engaging reporting style, honed with a Master's in Journalism from Boston University, focuses on community-relevant stories.
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  1. I completely disagree with this list. There are so many better barbecue spots in the Capital Region that deserve to be recognized.

  2. I disagree with this list. There are definitely better barbecue spots in the Capital Region that should be recognized.


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