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Assailant of Colorado gay club sentenced to several life terms in prison


DENVER — Anderson Lee Aldrich, the man responsible for the tragic 2022 shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado, has been handed multiple life sentences ⁢without the chance of parole. This comes after he pleaded guilty to federal hate crime ‍and firearm charges on Tuesday.

At the age ‌of 24, Aldrich had already been sentenced to life ​imprisonment after admitting to state murder charges in ​a ⁢separate trial last year. This was for his premeditated assault on the‍ staff and customers of Club Q in Colorado Springs.

Earlier this ‌year, Aldrich consented‍ to plead guilty to all 74 ⁣federal charges, accepting additional life sentences for planning and executing the‌ attack. He entered the ‌club armed⁣ with a semiautomatic rifle and a handgun on Nov. 19, 2022, ⁢during a drag show. His violent rampage⁢ resulted in the death ⁣of ⁣five people and injuries to over⁢ a dozen others‌ before two brave patrons managed to disarm him.

Aldrich, currently incarcerated at a Wyoming state penitentiary, entered⁣ his guilty plea before Judge​ Charlotte Sweeney at the U.S. ⁢District⁢ Court in Denver.

In a powerful statement⁣ during the sentencing, Judge Sweeney ⁣told Aldrich, “This community is much ‌stronger than you. This community is stronger than⁢ your armor, ⁤stronger than your weapons, and it’s sure as ‌heck stronger than your hatred.”

During the hearing, several survivors⁢ and relatives of the victims portrayed Club Q as a unique sanctuary for LGBTQ ​individuals‍ in the region. They also shared the anguish of losing their ⁢loved ones in the attack.

Wyatt Kent, a ‍drag performer at Club ⁢Q, was ‌working the night of the attack alongside his partner, Daniel Aston, a bartender who was ⁤killed by Aldrich.

Addressing Aldrich in court, Kent said, “All of my ⁤22 years before that night can never be restored, but in that, I forgive you. We, as a queer community, we are the ⁤resilient ones, and we continue to hold that ​beauty ​within ⁢each other. We continue to find joy in trauma ⁤and in pain and unfortunately, those are things that you will never experience for‍ the rest of your life.”

Several relatives of the victims expressed their‌ disappointment​ with the U.S. government’s decision not ‍to seek⁤ the death penalty.

Estella‌ Bell, addressing her⁢ grandson Raymond​ Vance’s murderer in court, said, “What I think you should do, because they don’t‍ want to give you the death penalty, is to eat rat poison and ‍then go to hell.” Vance, 22, had gone to Club‍ Q⁢ with his girlfriend to‌ celebrate a birthday.

Aldrich chose to remain silent⁤ before his sentencing.

Before Tuesday’s hearing, Aldrich’s lawyers and prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Denver ⁢agreed that federal sentencing guidelines necessitated multiple concurrent life sentences without the possibility of parole and an additional consecutive sentence of 190 years in ‍prison.

The most severe crimes ‍Aldrich admitted to include charges of intentionally killing ⁤someone due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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