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SummerNight to Celebrate with Special Brew – Bite-Sized Edition


Welcome to our regular feature, Bite-sized, where we bring you the latest updates ⁤on ‍local food festivals, ‌special events, menu changes, restaurant⁢ news, and ‌more. Let’s ⁤dive in!

Mark your calendars for the Schenectady County SummerNight,⁤ scheduled for Friday, July 12. This year, the summer ​block party is brewing something special.

Five local​ breweries from Schenectady Sips — Back Barn Brewing Company, Frog Alley⁣ Brewing ⁢Company, Great ​Flats Brewing Company, Seven Points ‍Brewery, ​and Wolf Hollow Brewing Company⁤ — will be showcasing a unique ⁢beer⁤ at the event.

The⁢ special brew is a Belgian wheat ⁣beer, infused with hints⁢ of orange and coriander.

“This beer is crisp and refreshing, with an ABV of around‌ 5%. It’s​ the perfect summer drink,” said Brian Conley⁣ from Seven Points in the Stockade, where‌ the beer is being brewed.

“While it’s⁢ a simple style of beer, we’ve added a crafty twist to it. It’s similar to a Shock ⁣Top or a​ Blue Moon, but with a stronger‍ craft presence,‍ setting it apart from mainstream beers,” he added.

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This year, Schenectady Sips beverages will be exclusively ⁢featured ‍at SummerNight for the first time. Formerly known as the Schenectady Ale Trail, Schenectady Sips includes⁢ six local breweries, along with distilleries and a meadery.

The‌ breweries have been collaborating on brews since 2016, with the last special commemorative beer being brewed in⁤ 2019.

Typically,‌ the brewers gather to brainstorm flavor ideas over a few beers, and one brewery is chosen to handle the production. A portion of the proceeds is usually donated to a local cause or charity.

This collaboration reflects the tight-knit nature of the Schenectady brewing community.

“The better each of us does individually,⁤ the better‍ we all do,” said Kyle Folk of ⁣Wolf Hollow Brewing Company.

“A rising tide ⁢lifts all boats,” Conley added. “SummerNight‍ is a‌ great opportunity for us⁢ to showcase our​ unique brews to people who may ⁣not usually visit Schenectady. We have some really cool stuff going ‍on here.”

For more information on Schenectady ⁤Sips, visit discoverschenectady.com.

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