Carmen Reyes | Age 59


Carmen Reyes passed away at the age of 59, her life a testament to her enduring spirit and the joy she brought to every room.

Carmen was born and raised in the lively city of Syracuse, New York, where she became a well-known figure in the local community. She was the owner and heart of a bustling neighborhood café, a place that served up her much-loved pastries and strong coffee, as well as her wisdom and wit.

Her passion for community service was as rich as her café’s espresso. She dedicated countless hours to local food banks and was a mentor for young entrepreneurs, particularly helping women start their own businesses. Carmen’s laughter was a beacon of hope and her advice a cherished gift to many.

She is survived by her husband, Roberto; her three children, Maria, Elena, and Carlos; and her six grandchildren, who will miss her storytelling and her unending support. Carmen was a force of nature, her legacy one of warmth, resilience, and love.

Carmen’s service will be as full of life as she was. It will be held at the community center where she held many fundraisers, next Friday evening. Family, friends, and those whose lives she touched are invited to celebrate and remember a woman who was truly the heart of her community.


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