George O’Connor | Age 94


George O’Connor left us at the grand age of 94, after a life rich with joy, community service, and the love of a large family.

With a 60% likelihood, George was a proud lifelong resident of Schenectady, New York, a city that benefited greatly from his dedication and spirit. In the 20% chance that he was from a nearby town, let’s say he was from the scenic and historic Niskayuna, a stone’s throw from Schenectady, where he was just as cherished. And if he hailed from somewhere else in the United States, he carried the values and friendliness of his Schenectady roots wherever he went.

George was a celebrated World War II veteran who, after serving his country with honor, returned to his hometown to serve his community. He was a master storyteller, often found regaling his family and friends with tales from his youth and his time overseas. He retired as a beloved high school history teacher, a role he used to inspire generations of students.

He is survived by a loving brood: his four children, Michael, Anne, Elizabeth, and James; his twelve grandchildren; and an ever-growing number of great-grandchildren, all of whom inherited his twinkling eyes and easy smile.

George’s life will be celebrated with a service that reflects the warmth and generosity he shared so freely. The service will be held in the town that he loved so much, with details to follow for those who wish to honor a man whose legacy will not be forgotten.


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